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A Sailor-ish Life for some...
A Sailor-ish Life for some…

A sailor’s life for me, scarcely in this first day of the 2018. It was my second time up aboard in a ship, it may not be in a passenger or luxurious ferry, but it was beyond disparate in comparison to the hospitality of the Filipino crews on board.

In contrast to what some of us previously encountered and visited, they agreed that this ship we dropped over was nothing but less enormous. However, the dishes served were much greater than the one I formerly encountered. Perhaps in consideration, given the fact that it was a New Year celebration that day, a feast must be commence to commend the grace of God for all the bountiful and prosperous blessings received by everyone on board that day.

I happened to had the privilege to have a tour to both ships, but the recent disembark expound my knowing and exposure of its structure and function, indeed a very informative trip.

This new pack of seafarers were quite timid, I am able to empathize their personal thoughts especially the hardships of their profession. Apart from the homesickness and inevitable seasick in some occasions in their journey, the risk of being a possible victims of colossal waves and belligerent pirates might threaten their safety. I only just offer a silent prayer of security and protection for all the members this humble 6-month-in-contract abode to God while having some serious conversation to one of these courageous and strong men.

Overall, it was a New Year bash moment to remember. I am happy to see fellow Filipinos meet their countrymen amidst the mundane infinity of the waters and miles apart from their motherland. WE SALUTE YOU, GENTLEMEN. 😀


The Great American Eclipse: The Caribbean Style

There are many types of eclipse but what happen today throws a straight look to our mighty Sun. Though some of the Earth’s population did not witness this celestial event, technology bridge the gap for those who cannot have that real naked-eye experience. On that note, thanks to livestream channels provided by Youtube, I had my front row reel screening of what take place on that Moon-and-Sun fusion moment.

On some parts of the globe were the Sun’s visibility was apparent in the sky, Partial Solar eclipse took place particularly in the Caribbean region. Due to unforeseen nature of weather, like accumulation of clouds from a tropical depression, the Sun did not appear as expected. As a remedy for my disappointment, I watched the live video on Youtube channels like The New York Times, National Geographic and the superb 360 live record of the Sun itself powered by Time. What I love about Time’s way of how they captivated this astronomical event was that a cursor was placed on the viewing screen to let its audience rotate the camera from either sides: right, left, up or down. Isn’t that GREAT?

It was a wonderment scenery when the Moon was approaching the Sun slowly and then the heavens turned into gray. What I thought about since the beginning I have had an idea of eclipse was that the place where this phenomenon transpired will put into darkness for a matter of time. On the contrary, it appeared to me that the everything turned to gray. =/

For now, I just have to be appreciate what I had seen. I hope that in God’s time, I could have a chance to have a Moon-to-Sun encounter in another territory of my choosing. The Almighty God already knows what I mean, I leave it up to him. 😀

Managing 101: A lenient manager yields to a work related stress.

Make believe happiness.
Behind every smiles, are the unseen impediments.

Managers are the ones who oversees over-all functions of its subordinates within its supervision. He or she directs orders to his or her team after a careful decision needs to be executed.

In my own experience, being the in-charge of the department for a particular days every month, it’s a stress-related workload from beginning to the end of the eight-hour shift. I am required to delegate some of the minor task to my support staff in able to lessen the bulk of work and to save time and effort.

If each employees knows their job description, it is unnecessary to remind them what are the things they should do. Leniency as manager has its disadvantage when you are promoting a pleasant and less autocratic means to run a department. Employees lack of initiative to perform their respective duties and are not pressured to get things done will lead to a tiresome manager who always beg for their help.

In my case, letting my staff boss me instead of the other way around puts me in an overworked situation, not to mention, I am burn out for not finishing my work on time. If I am too hard for them, it would invoke hurtful persona that eventually cause disobedience.

Therefore, a manager must communicate properly for the sake of harmony and instill in their minds that each individual must work hand-in-hand as a team to attain work-related goals. If it didn’t produce the required results, perhaps it’s necessary to address the concern to the upper level management. 😀

The Talk Project S1E2: Facebook

Facebook become a source of envy that fuels the drive to be inspired to work for the progress of one’s self.

The Talk Project S1E1: Eureka

That same feeling (or not quite) the moment Archimedes discovered Density transpires me to come up with this insanity. 😀

Hope you all had a fun time watching this.

Moon on twilight.


Green Mind.

its been a year of relaxing at the upholstery, circa September 2014.


take the risk… make a wish… take the chance… make a change….

Hush Puppy.


New Year Wish.

Sending a Happy Christmas greeting to all… from underneath the tree. 😀

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