“Welcome to G-Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” First post that freaks me out?! hehe. G-Blogs reformatting is so shocking. Worry about this new outbreak is such a blast on my part. For many years, this world opens alot of doors. One of those were the friendships made here. 🙂 Actually I am the “original” dee88. The fun never stops and I’m looking forward for new things to this new venture I seated in again. I’m kinda adjusting for awhile and still wanting to retrieve the post I made in G-blogs hehe.  To end this up, I welcome myself and the other homegrowns and newbies here in the new G-BLOGS, the unveiling… MABUHAY ANG MGA G-BLOGGERO?! Cheers sa ating lahat. 🙂

High – Lighthouse family