Everytime this question strucks my mind, I’m thinking in absence… stuck in nowhere in place precisely I’m aware of. 🙂 For the past, lots of things happen which indeed, needing to have adjustments and furthermore make myself adapt to those things changing in a particular scenario. HAAAAY?! Maybe as of this moment, keep bugging myself on “to save a life” is the best effort that I can do to work on but on a sense if “how” is added, it’s a different story already?! 🙂 The fact that how it will be explain and done in a live setting combine with team strategy… no idea what to expect…

Just to think someone fighting to live as a justifiable reason is enough to take a risk and do whatever it takes to revive a 50:50. I remember the characters in a hit T.V. show Grey’s Anatomy. Different identities but only one unites and aspires them, “how to save a life?” Stories with drama and learning that life is something that is priceless. Competency is very much important when inclined in a field dealing with helping preserve lives. Speed and agility also helps for a lot of seconds counts. A right attitude has also a bigger criteria as it brings good harmony and lights up everything despite of the bad times. 🙂

Though I can’t even think for a right answer to reply “how to save a life?” 🙂 I know someday the query will remind me that I had a worth to someone else. 🙂 Yah?! Many gross things will WOW me in the near firmament, I am welcoming them (with arms wide open) in my life. 🙂 As long as they are useful for upbringing me as a strong, nice and good person, bring it on baby?! 🙂 As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher…” 🙂 novice like me will definitely not lost in a world of circles. 🙂

“20 years from now, it won’t matter how you did on an evaluation exam or how good you are in school. No one will care how many pairs of white shoes you had. It won’t matter if you miss a day of duty or what you got on your capping day. Your highest score on a return demo won’t be traced. It won’t matter if your uniform was messy of if all your nurse’s notes wasn’t the best. But, if you made life a little better for other person, that’s what will be remembered and that’s what will matter?!” 🙂

How To Save A Life – The Fray