Though the price I paid (which was from my mom’s pocket! Heheehe?! :D) is high enough for me, By-Standers in motionit was worth the money. 🙂 From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm straight Monday to Saturday of waking up early and travel all the way in UP Diliman carried by a bus jam packed with standing ovation passenger audience. 🙂 hahaaha?! First day of the class “Batchman and Robert” (the name of our batch), I arrived as a latecomer. 🙂 This is what professionalism is haha?! 🙂 With very cool instructors making use of the teaching strategy “fun learning”, there’s no pressure at all as compared to a usual classroom setting where students were like freeze from the discussions then freak out when get lost which really make a lot of difference.

Lectures and return demos, exams and also practicals were also part of Survivors of the war?!the training program there at Red Cross UP Chapter and must be able to passed to be able to get a licensed from the scope of Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support both separated coarse respectively, plus the certificate of attendance as usual. 🙂 There were like two licenses that will be acquired if you’re fitted enough with SKA (Skills, Knowledge and Attitude). Aside from that, it is a chance to meet other people from different walks of life and win friends. Watch out for “one week love story” for there’s also a probability of love spurts. Hihi brrrr?! 🙂 The highlight of the Six day class is the Saturday initiation which everybody shouldn’t missed?! Hahaaha?! Mass Casualty on Saturday, putting into “action” of what was learned, party to the maximum. 🙂 Just don’t be surprised, it’s a welcoming celebration I bet?! 🙂 Mini graduation after the happy riot event is up next on sequence of activities. 🙂

Saving lives at its best… for the benefit of mankind without expecting in return. From years past of humanitarian work, the volunteerism spirit unites its co-leagues. Just for helping and for FunA part of them in which they are committed to serve those in need of help is a duty dedicated to the Savior. Somehow I realized, it’s just also the same in the hospital setting, but then on my part, I am earning handful of experiences for my own good also to do my calling. 🙂 Thank God that putting me in a place where life’s lesson are acquired to learned and use as a guide is a simple blessing for me yet in its finest… 🙂

P.S. This is Our Kodak Moments 🙂 A picture worth a thousand words. 🙂

The Exhausted Staff and Crew?! haha!


Let's get it on?!

The BAYANIHAN spirit

Were Young and Beautiful?!

Scene Survey! Is the Scene Safe?

Happy Fiesta?!

Tomatoes driving nuts?!