Yeah, Yeah, Yeah?!As much as the bad stuff burst on the system of balanced scale of the good and the bad, the world will still longing for “PEACE”. Nerve shaking sensation which afterwards brought into a big-bang of tantrums once get hit by an evilish fork-like weapon. Hurting mode combined with conscience after a throwback scenario, wanting to escape and free from thinking clashing inside but then there’s still a pinch of it spurts little by little. Struck for a moment… sigh… got to go all the way. Meanwhile, realizing such a waste of time, felt like immature for giving trash attention so unworthy to pay.

Felt so bad for this guy?! Despite of the effort of his family to feed him with a silver spoon on his mouth, he’s still acting LIKE a brat (though his mother is not considering him to call such, but he’s showing that he’s among those…). Putting myself on her mother’s shoe, I now understand why she surrender herself from the bitterness of her son’s party mouth experience just for a reason of getting rid of the hype of pounding pressure from the nagging vibe and then breakaway from it for a moment in time. Taste like cigarretesHaaaaay?! What a great woman… she’s one of a kind… I gave my full respect to her as a daily survivor from that day by day all out war. Someday the suffering heroism act be paid off after what she have done to uplift the lives of her children. And to that young teenie bastard (OOOOPSSS?! 😀 SORRY?! :D), YOU MUST REPENT YOUR SINS NOW?! HELLBOY (not the real HELLBOY huh, but rather the literary “ANTI-SOCIAL” HELLBOY?!).Cooking oil sleeping Look at yourself on your “picture perfect shoots?!” At any angle seen, the DEMONIC soul still lives in you despite of so sound slumber?! Sort of like lost in a cursed worst nightmare of your entire life or what, wanting to be free and be able to rest in peace?! 🙂 I hope and I pray that you’ll BEHAVE WELL… and come to think that you’re VERY VERY WRONG?! There still room for change anyway and improvement as well sir?! 🙂

How will a person outstand the wrong world will depends on the careful answers. Just as long as being at the side of the GOOD SQUAD, the feeling of safety and security with love lives inside each and everyone’s system. And from there, WORLD PEACE may seem to become a reality not for a longing wish upon a star?! Heheehe. 🙂