The fact that when “E.R.” is heard, the first thing that comes to each nurse’s minds is the word “toxic”. Hahaaha?! Yes it is?! And not only that, it is the place where staff nurses there are getting the heat of exhaustion when patients arrived in full blast?! Hahaaha?! Don’t know how to put some pieces of the nurse on duty in various complaints is such a mind freaking for nurses assign to that area. Not to mention the MDs burst of “good manners” (hehe?!) which totally somehow degrades a nurse most especially when if the “award” (hehe?! It’s a term applied if you’re humiliated by someone superior to you. :D) is given in public appearance. (what?! :D) At the end of the day, a nurse looking in front of a mirror… down, numb and sober. Wanting to be free from getting trap on a crush and burn traumatic accident encounter… 😦

Well, it is an honor for me to be part of the FUN happenings inside the E.R. booth. Heheehe?! Unforgettable memories of terrible horror worth to be learn to cherish. Hahaaha?! The action of welcoming the clients to save their very own life is the highlight in that plot were the overflowing of drama is kept inside, bleeding of tears happens when alone all by myself. 😥 How strange that I’m still alive from that internal hemorrhage?! What’s up with that? 🙂 I still remember the days were I get a chance to fight for someone’s life by doing, what the common people know, the “CPR”. There were actually three of them but the sad part is that I haven’t got a chance to revive them. 😥 After that worst scene scenario, there’s this feeling were the bulk was like passed to you just for a reason that you’re not really the best. 😦 But then again, life must still go on… still; there will be a chance to make someone saved from that near death rage. I want to thank God for helping me understand and get through with any “unwanted” situations which I do really appreciate the most. Being at my side is already enough for me while doing my life’s mission in this wonderful journey I started to walk on by since day one of my career. 🙂

Though I’m still get hurt every time the bad times strikes in my brain all of a sudden, it’s already part of my past. For sometime, it’s really hard to move on when you’re in pain. But looking at the brighter side, it teaches me life’s lesson and earning it is the way to be the “BEST”. Anyway, just come to think that they are old and I’m still young (hehe?!) has a lot of difference for they keep on nagging all the time of the lives?! Hahaaha?! Despite of that, it’s my pleasure to work with them for they let me write this blog post (hehe?!) and marking a chapter in my story that somehow… there is one of a kind E.R. experience. 🙂

P.S. Why the heck our seminar about triage came so late when we got finish our E.R. rotation? We’ve missed the opportunity to apply it in the field while playing with the patients. Hehe?! WHOOOOH?! 🙂