Its common nowadays selling “buy one take one” stuffs especially when it comes to food. Number one in the list is the best-selling, affordable and easy to prepare mouth-watering HAMBURGER. 🙂 For people like me who preferred to eat cheap but quality food, its best recommended for those wanting to save money yet satisfies the craving hungry tummy. Hahaaha?! People on the go who can’t get rid of the busy and tense work, it’s a good option for a fast track food were multitasking job can be done without making an empty stomach hunger strike. Heheehe?! Boost of energy will definitely overflow in the system for it brings a lot of glucose which the body needs for functioning, ready for the upcoming action. 🙂

Aside from the aforementioned, a simple get together of friends in a new burger-snack hangout which makes close ties of friendship binds together leading to a strong foundation of a long-lasting mutual relationship as friends forever. And now its spreading trend starts to outgrow and sooner the new replacement for the socialite coffee break. 🙂 So coffee fanatics, whether it’s Starbucks or a simple hot water plus 3 in 1 instant, beware for possible extinction?! Haha?! Kidding aside, eating burger can also be a grounds for a serious conversation just like me and my best friend did this day (the reason why this post was published. 🙂). We talked about different topics like her family problems and her infatuation (but of course?! 🙂) while eating burgers we bought “buy one take one”. 🙂 Letting out her feelings by telling the story and feeding herself with a delicious hasty repast after all lessens her burden. It’s some sort of like having a therapy to relieve the hurty feeling and realize that there is someone who’s there ready to listen and show some support. 🙂

I just realize, college days are finally over… and I regret why I didn’t make the most out of it?! Hahaha?! Regretting in a sense that I don’t had seen myself with my friends in a ban-burger patty party. Haha?! Though they don’t even forget me to taste the goodness of their blessing, so there’s this no such feeling of an out-of-place. Hehehe?! Anyway, I hope the promise of a better friendship may still lives on even though we all have different lives. We may parted ways for a while but the dream of being together in same world (I mean in a same workplace and community as well. DISCLAIMER?! 🙂) is looking forward to come true so far. 🙂 Just hoping for the best… and He will take care of the rest?! Let’s do it! 😀