About your true you? Showing what’s inside without saving a pinch, or even a bunch, of yourself just only to keep in and be put there in one place waiting to be let go in God’s proper time. It’s like wanting to have privacy and hide what is really meant for me. And now I’m here, asking myself… what the heck am I doing? Why did I do it again? Did I learn from my past experience? Do I really get rid of those experiences? How stupid of me I realize… 😦

Sharing a part of myself is a bit off for me. I’d rather talk other stuff but not making a kiss and tell of experiences personally coming from me. Just looking at myself after that very wrong move is like making a shame impression building to other people’s mind (I think so?). Self-centered stories that brings me down just for a reason of whispering secrets to the public waxy ears?! Puts me in a risk of staring buzz that might later on get me involve to stardom of talk in the forum, I mean of the round table break time talkfest. Hahaaha?!,”) It seems like I’m having this trauma now, trauma of opening a chat line that spreads the putrid breath and later on might pulls me down to slimy, disgusting and rotten egg garbage?! YUCK?! Not knowing what strategy to do to act for an escape plan to get out of those judgemental look. Maybe, from that gross place, I will swim back to the shore of paradise which is free from the foul smell and polluted water of dump discrimination. Hmmmmmmp?! 🙂

Secrets may remain secrets but for a limited time only. Funny may it seems but, there’s no secrets will remain secrets once a key to open it was find and then happen to spill the beans on its own. Yes, it is really difficult to regret that it was now free in the air breathing in by others at risk for infecting the vulnerable to be suspectable on acquiring the demeaning disease against its original source. The best way to react from that… is having an immunity from it. At first it may affect the system, but through the strong body defences, counteract to the sickness is 100% effective and sure from protection. Carry yourself well and He will take care of your mental health. 🙂 Just a piece of psychiatric advise. Hehehee?! 🙂