For one split second, some things, especially the good stuff that must be done in dealing with others, happened to be forgotten to observe in a right time, right place and right person. This brings to unfavourable reactions that later on tends to create a certain conflict in a one common relationship. It puts a particular mark (or maybe a list of stigmas) that lets others know what personality is having watch right in front of a reality show of one’s life television. Being the talk of the town for that matter ruins the reputation, letting to be put down by suspicious thinking creates a low self-esteem which then later on at risk for lack of self-confidence. And the sad part, blaming self for misconduct tends to put back the shame and guilt for only a single reason brought about by an attitude. 😦

Can’t find a way to release the tension in my head for only just a single blink of an eye! It keeps on coming back in a middle of nowhere?! What do I mean by this? Well, I’m sort of like struggling to overcome the bad stuffs which causes me pain inside. Psychological ache resulted by shocking revelation of tantrums forwarded by the superior authorities and for sometimes by lazy and tardy colleagues both not putting into consideration the feelings that they pertaining to degrade pieces by pieces. How morbid they are! 😦 Insensible and ruthless?! They’re just one heck of a lucky damn people I know for I still respect them despite of what they are doing to me, treating like a useless machine without a heart and soul?! Hey!! Please be reminded that we all equal in the eyes of our Creator so don’t just act on me on that way?! I am only human! I can do anything just for me to learn but PLEASE?! Take it easy?! Don’t let the emotions drown you on its deepest and darkest ground?! Be happy guys?! Life is so short?! Don’t let your time get wasted just for these bad stuffs?! Be cool and just sway on the waves. I hope and I pray that “NO ONE” will be ever get offended but first, they must be do their part also to hold on their emotions so we can all have this thing called “PEACE OF MIND?!”. Hmmmmm?! I bet! 🙂

Just a thought: “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” A text message from a friend that really makes sense and a lesson to ponder. Perhaps, growing up is really difficult most especially for those not ready to enter a new chapter in life and facing it with fears. Well I guess I’m kinda bit adjusting now for what I’m going through. Yah its difficult, but with the right blend of attitude, there will be no problems or even conflicts made in dealing with this playful world called life. I know it is part of the test, and I will pass it?! I don’t want my love ones get disappointed most especially THE ONE Who put me where I am right now. He believes that I can do it, so I must trust myself and also believe too… that I can be the BEST AMONG THE REST?! 🙂 but with a good attitude to act on by. Hahaaha?! 🙂