31st of October when my mom and I went for a journey through the north and pay tribute to some respected individuals who becomes our heritage in particular to this thing called “life”. The living legends of our generation that serves an inspiration and strength to light up our way and go forward through the playful games of this “life”. 🙂 Sitting next to the window, flashback of memoirs came in on and off as I make myself stare outside the wide scenery view. Memories that created and happen to look back and be remembered reminding that it was done one moment in time. And then fades away as the speed runs through the long road towards our trip across the upper part of Luzon, waiting to get there in a steady and calm mood… 🙂

We arrived that night having that such kind of unwelcome feeling on my part, (don’t know about my mom’s side about it, but I think she didn’t ever really notice it.) maybe I just kinda bit suspicious that time to think that my uncle is not in his hospitable aura. HeHe?! Anyway, after a couple of minutes of driving in for another road through the mobile tricycle, (thanks to my uncle by the way for the tricycle ride) we arrive to my lola’s place. It seems like nothing’s change after my last visit but instead a bulk of sacks golden grains greets and make its silent way of noticing its presence. The hunger make a call of late dinner with a dish of famous “Tinapa” and my lola’s specialty the Tarlaceños weird but mouth-watering version of the famous Ilocano dish “Pinakbet”. After fixing ourselves, we decided to take a rest with me and my mom in that single hard and rough bed which I’m really not comfortable not for a reason of the bed’s specks but I’m with my mother the whole night (the fact that I’m really naughty in bed, making Dsome unnecessary movements just to get that resting position of choice. HaHa?!). The next day, waking up in the morning is not my thing. I’m really not a morning person I think, yet it became the rule for that day for people in the province wake as the rooster voice out its alarming sound. Without a choice, I got up at about 7 o’clock and went in my auntie’s home to eat breakfast together with my lola, my mom and the little cousins as well (my auntie was not living for awhile in her home for the whole family move in my other lola to do some business there. 🙂). Meanwhile on our way there, sessions of meet and greets happen when I got to pass by with some other relatives as well on my father’s side. Giving some regards of acknowledgement and short chitchats, seeing them is really pleasure for me as they kept me in their arms of warm hospitality that we the Filipinos are really known for. Then we arrive and eat our simple but delicious breakfast that my lola had prepared for us with our bare clean hands as our tool for eating. 🙂 The sun shines it heating rays as it make my mom do her thing and let me left behind to finish her rice business and close some rice deals accompanied by my uncles and cousins. Taking my time chilling for good, relax and have nothing to do in life. 🙂 HeHeeHe?!

Band people pays tribute through their music.On the afternoon of November 1st, we all assembled to make our way to the gardens of our resting love ones to stay with them in the whole day, at least for that afternoon. 🙂 After minutes of tricycle joy ride as our means of transportation, the whole clan arrived having their own glimpse of the past, when things are okey and on its right raging flow. I look upon the gloomy views of resting cubicles having myself take some time to feel the windy presence swaying together with the wind. Waiting for the candles to be lighten with burning love and prayer, I stand in front of them, getting numb and fades myself away to bring me in other dimensions of unforgotten memoirs. Then I take a deep whisper of silence, talking with them like they’re here solemnly in my presence.  I sit on top against my grandmother (my lola’s younger sister) having herself asleep in peace. Preoccupied with many entries of soothing sound of wayback thoughts, feeling of emptiness had been put me into the vacuum of unwinding air as I travel through a space searching for something without a clue… as the day ends by and play some goodbye songs, whispering them with an eternal love, joy and eternal peace.

Days had passed and were ready to go back to our home sweet home. It is a splash of emotions on my part as I go and left the place to continue my life here in Manila, but sooner, I’ll be coming back again to earn some other adventures worth to be opened in my story book. As the tricycle strikes its engine and take off, my childhood life makes its own spurts of happy memories, like playing “magic Dcandle” from the pieces of melted candles we had collected and drops with a small tears of water after it has been melted again to its liquid form, and of course, making “candle balls” that we had secretly stolen from other candle owners (good thing that we aren’t had a thrilling experience with the spirits. 🙂 HeHeeHe?!). My memories with my grandmother pop up as well, as I look silently through that place of great mind call of happiness and everlasting love and sound silence.

We arrive passed 12 very tired about that heavy baggage loaded with sacks of grains welcoming their new home. After that long drive from north back to the city! It was one heck of a bouncing loco journey. And after two months of waiting, I finally eat my “ROCKLETS, Peanut chocolate candies” as a reward for myself for finishing this blog post (I wonder when is it’s expiration date since it was bought this Sempember of 2008, some prints including the best before seal got erased for the times it spent hiding inside my closet. HeHe!). 🙂 HAPPY EATING TO ME?! 🙂