Haggard! Exhausted! Wasted! Toxic! Whatever term implied to an “all purpose cream” being mixed up in a bowl full of work-oriented ingredients adding that distinct satisfying taste the “people” will never ever forget for the rest of their lives (so that’s really the point huh?! 😀 HeHe!). Serving “The Masters” really toughen the drive of a slave when “their Excellency” demands for what they are expecting… (So it’s like really demanding huh? As if having a floating sensation after that whatsoever thing that they’re doing on a, you know, Coke forum and stuff? HaHaaHa!) Chilling with the haggards?!Over-reaching that high quality standard! For Heaven’s sake! Are we now really qualified to do this thing? Maybe YES, for we just your slaves… wish us luck ALL YOU CRUEL LOOOSERS?! May we make you proud for this jerk dump we had set for your nasty little stupidity you had brought to us!

Very tiring days had swept the usual routine days of my life after that consecutive long run of gatherings committed to the organization’s “on the chart posts” of activities. There are two sides of the opposing thoughts, the pros and the cons, that sets up views which were both having their own stands in this matter of fact thing. For the pros, being an activist conniving with some propagandas which entitles to a part by part expressions gets free opportunities for showcasing hidden inner talents awaiting to be discovered. As for the cons, it loosen up the remaining energy as if like it was taking away from the system or some sort which in the end, messing up on the way going home. Just imagine that self pity picture, Just for fun... hahaha?!feeling down and numb. Sobering it up just to get away out of that low feeling, and wake up for another day and look forward for the upcoming tasks to come. 🙂

On long days filled up with jam-packed loaded opportunities takes a lot of strength and dedication to power up the willingness to achieve what was being foreseen.  Each and everyone may have sparks of conflicts which might temporary pause up a bit the outgoing momentum, but through team effort to win every battle that will come in our way, everything may somehow will be just fine. 🙂 We are still hoping for “THE BEST” and we will going to win this fight?! 🙂 They may think that they were also the best, but it’s our own prerogative also to think such, but much even more on what they’re just bragging for themselves right? HaHaaHa?! 🙂 To all the Nightingale Society of Nurses Officers of 2008, “JUST KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS?!”. God is with us?! Just owe it to Him and He will take care of the rest. 🙂 Let’s work as a team and play it right. 🙂