in their serious mode...“LIGHTS… CAMERA… ACTION?!” as Direk Migs roll the camera and making good angle shots for our official entry to the Christmas Party and Florence Nightingale Feast. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming which happens both in simple forums and meet and greet scheduled informal assemblies. We had come up with many brilliant ideas which so far really the “greatest”?! 🙂 Thanks to the conniving team which were always present at all times making use of fun to lighten up the moods and as well building up that cooperative spirit that eventually fires up each one’s mind having that single combine flame of thinking caps. Of course, adding to that sweet taste is the spice of “psycho-The family that pose together stays in the picture. HeHe?!freakness” all throughout the set for that many takes that had been made just to retake unexpected out spurts of bloopers. 🙂 HaHaaHa?!

In the modern day era, FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE patented nursing when the Crimean war was set to happen. So upon realizing it was on the olden times, we gather some conflicts most especially on the costume and locations where most likely to be took in place for the shooting. All things was set to its soothing and calming happy drive when we decided to improvised the resources that we had like wearing semi-formal attires as for replacement to glamorous gown and suites, while ragged clothes for the soldiers and white aprons, that the girls used to where during their BSN days, for the nurses. We also made this blood thing which the main ingredient is ketchup plus the Nescafe branded black coffee in sachet format. 🙂 We all agreed that we’ll tape our mini Florence Nightingale, The Movieclip inside the hospital premises for its kinda old enough and by far the perfect place to portray the Victorian era (is it really the perfect spot? Heheehe!). And besides, we don’t have much time left and the preparation is just a quick snap on our part. We also need to focus in other activities that were also the one who’s taking in charge. 🙂 Like the intermission number were scheduled to do, putting in our dancing shoes on this coming Thursday, don’t know the time when it will start 🙂 HaHaaHa?! In to the tune of Fergalicious by Fergie lasting about 4 minutes and 52 seconds span length of the song, we’ve decided to cut some portions and let it end there for we can’t think enough moves to add in that hip-hop beat. 🙂 Going back to the Florence Nightingale thing, last minute changes Making fun with the camera! Jolly moments!were made to comply for some set of characters. Really a shocker on my part, but for the team effort’s own good, “Okey?! Let’s kick it! :)”. Though we haven’t finish it for a day as the blame was put to the video cam and me again (it was my scene that was caught taking and without further regard, the camera got busted off its energy. :() all throughout, the day after tomorrow was the second and last packed-up take place and before parting ways, still there’s this we want to call “kulitan sessions” to gather moments to that album of reminiscing memoirs. 🙂 Uploading stuffs to those social networking sites, letting anyone get it notice and may somehow, smiles while looking beyond the inner aspects of that captive view.

Photo after the shoot with other conniving friends!Time may run so fast, but what will happen if it was not get notice? At any point in time, spurt of loaded routines come to invade the system and having realize… that proper time management and balancing may be the only way to rule out the answers for that settlement wanting to be handle and get settled. It’s quite torturing and consuming a bit of strength and some personal life when working is not subjective to an assurance of a good feedback. On the other hand, upon realizing, it’s not really that bad to think on it. Knowing for a fact that the stress of striving for a betterTaken from the Nursing Conference Room. outcome makes benefits as trying the best thing that can be do for a single purpose of a “job well done” at the end of the day. As what I’ve learned from Mam Ruth and making it as the word for the day, “organize” the things on its proper way! 🙂