A Photogenic pose care of Mang Joe!Bummer huh?! That single premise slaps my face after having my brain screwed up just to admit that I’m just like a nomad chillin’ around the corner right over next to an alpha one which “that” might think I’m just a loser making fun of me like an ugly duckling dump clown. The right to pass the bulk back is a rebirth to what was past written in the book of life history. Somehow it is degrading and demeaning?! 😦 Is shameless really now conquering the inner self once got a one foot step forward to the hierarchy? Seems like the fold blinded eye became permanently closed and kinda box into the four corners of emptiness. The authority get used of the powers vested, starting to give back what was due to the slaves. Let them do what was due for them, let them suffer this life?!

Safety precautionary measures are taken into consideration once getting involved with any electrical stuff. Beyond that, being careful all the time as kept observing as part of our daily routine, becomes our security check that immediately alarms itself from time to time when arrives in a situation that’s unsure of a doubt. Looks can be deceiving… yes it is! But to consider the fact that it may do something evil, does it build grounds to carefully think what action must be selected first before playing it in? Others may say it’s such a paranoid way to trust those instincts but looking at the brighter side of it, it might spare us from any catastrophic events. At least one day was again added to continue the craziness of this all shades of colourful, happy and sometimes unfair thing called “LIFE”?! 🙂

Being stupid can also be a method of learning. Taking the risk to be embarrassed and make a fool by someone is an experience that teaches how to be brave and handle the situation without losing any temper and learn to respect and understand others despite their “good moral character” they have adapted through the years. HeHeeHe?! From a famous overheard quote: “Experience is the best teacher”, taking part to that is an additional life notes to be remembered and share to anyone. Open-minded seems good in a proper moment. Through with it, acquiring knowledge is very easy and yet accepting any unfavourable and uncool momentum is only a joke to laugh on by. 🙂 Just like this… HAHAAHA?! 🙂