Two hospital wards nesting in the caring hands of DJNRMH both having the same purpose… to nurse the sick. Catering different cases with nurses working in 8 hours, these two wards serves a shelter for patients gaining their own recovery phase. The two lays a plot for genres of scenes in on the spot reality show ready to be aired in front of each character’s eyes unavailingly showing their other sides. The everyday acting of procedures skilfully done for quality care for the clients as an on call duty of service is pledge for God. And being a survivor there, for real, I must say it is a one heck of carnival ride?! Whiiiiiiiiih?! Wu-whooooooh?! 🙂

Many stories were written in my life book after I have gotten a once in a lifetime chance to hung-up with my “legally rightful” colleagues inside the merge walls of the two wards. To sum it up, I will highlight my unforgettable moments in each.

In Ward 6A, I became the “ultimate caregiver” of all patients sheltering there. 🙂 For the whole month of stay over the wide range of the loaded action packed life saving game, I become more cautious with my feelings. At least I’ve learned to control my emotion more often for it will be good not only for me but to my co-workers with special mention, the “pregnant mommy” who’s the resident care there! HeHeeHe?! 🙂 It’s always my job to take the early morning assessment routine, the vital sign (at least the two components of it, BP and BT. HaHa!). Aside from that not to mention the referrals to the OPD, follow-up results of lab and radiology work-ups, the bulk of chart writings, preparation of medicines (which later become a hidden issue with my tukayo against the IV therapist one. HeHeeHe?! :)), replacing consumed IV fluids, prescribing prescribed medications when it’s not available and my favourite! IV insertion! 🙂 Sometimes I got offended on the deepest inside of my ego when the authorities got mad of something they didn’t like mostly if they don’t want to be toxicated and here I are coming to them like giving them the taste of its exotic delight. 🙂 I remember how that derma doctor got quite angry to me when I failed to take the BP of my veteran inmates before initiating their referrals, it’s the fact that I thought that the nursing aid was done doing it. It’s also my bet that I haven’t get the BP record plus there were charts that I haven’t bring in. And it’s the seniors fault as she told me that some of them were already discharge! Ohhhh boy! 🙂 Some staffs also get pissed when got stressed out by the ongoing tension of the inside duty responsibilities. 🙂 But I must say, I enjoy their funny company when they all get together eating at the same time, laughing out loud like nothing happens. Plus the jokes that has a good punch line… really knocks me off. 🙂 It really was the most fun experience I have so far. The hang-over were still there as the simple meet and greet sometimes gets wild when I meet one of them in the hallways. 🙂

The month of November became my independence as I solely (somehow… :)) do the professional job there at Surgical Ward. 🙂 HaHa!! Anyway, the same thing still happens at Surgical Ward but the only difference was I do all the tasks there! 🙂 Crazy anecdotes also spurts there when the tracheostomy set was lost which was found out that it was throw away right there in the trash can. 🙂 The issue’s about the lost stocks and supplies and the employees versus employees war or perhaps inmates versus inmates. HeHeeHe! The most special for this ward is the real “lady with the lamp.” A mother filled with love. 🙂 I just feel more lucky that I was with her having small conversations which enlightens my mind and spirit to all unclear force that darkens my path. Thanks to her lamp for it makes me see the light through which guides me as I walk forwardly towards the step of my way. 🙂

Now it’s my December! 🙂 As I compared it to Kelly Clarkson’s third album, it was the gloomy month. The The real Number 1!weather is very cold… but it was great for me! Since it is the holiday season! Fresh air with shivering windy breeze that blows to my window relaxes my soul as I went to sleep on these Christmas days. 🙂 This month, I’m with the Dengue Ward gang. Just roaming around and have nothing much to do with quite simple number of patients having a simple rest break on their bed. 🙂 HeHe?! By the way, I’m still with AREA 1, I may go and help with the other wards there to render my service with the other patients which in need with my care. 🙂 Congratulations by the way to AREA 1 most especially to DENGUE WARD for winning the Christmas Decor Competition as they stand up on Chilling around!their unique Christmas design, The Poinsettia, which is made up of empty bottles of IV fluids! It was really worth the hardwork and creativity for the employees of the said area! Congratulations once again, as I say to myself! WE RULE?! 🙂