One Happy FamilyThe month of December is the time to celebrate the Yuletide season. 🙂 And to feel the coming of its presence, the institution had decided to make a Christmas Decor Contest. As a profession known for its outstanding and famous quote which sticks on our hearts and minds “a science and an art” (at least for somehow?!), it must be made out of recycled materials from all the resources used in the station. Creativity must possess on the by product for it will stands out and show that distinct unique style on the judgemental eye-filling by-standers. So with the team effort and hard work to push on top to get the prestige of becoming the “No. 1”, each participant will do what it takes to be crown as the wannabe! 🙂

After how many days of suspicious spy accusation and hide and seek of designs as a precaution for plagiarism, the long day preparation ended on December 11 judging day. Different strategic plans wereGuess what is the material used on this "masterpiece"?! rumoured but obviously it was apparent to the jurors that only one blows them away to impression. The Area 1 where the DENGUE WARD stands caring the sick who were diagnose with Dengue fever. How awesome they did to that place, I mean to DENGUE WARD, after they made it as if it was like a garden of poinsettia. 🙂 Out This is a cool handicraft?!of that bottle of dextrose, they turn it to a real attracting one. Really impressive! 🙂 No wonder why they landed with a title “BEST IN CHRISTMAS DECOR”. Many were saying it’s beautiful?! I remember one doctor has said that it may be for export?! With bottles of empty dextrose, things happen to change and build a masterpiece like that. Other creations made to those dextrose bottles were Christmas tree and the manger only with Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus. Addition to that, the IV tubing as an ingredient to the raffles of the stars and many more…

All was made possible through the creative and resourceful team which comprises of staffs and NTs who White but weird version.gather themselves at night in Surgical Ward also within the Area 1 who sacrifice the graveyard 10-6 shift just to bloom their spirit for victory and so it was. Thanks to Mam Claire anyway as she has an inborn sense of style. 🙂 And of course we had the means to put some stuffs on our set for our upcoming program with a pinch of DENGUE WARD attached to it. 🙂