Sleep?!It was a homecoming for one night only after that one snap on the spot decision I made to fill up the position of the graveyard on duties who will going to have a fun filled happy-happy on their separate Christmas party just intended to the ER emos. 🙂 In fairness to them, they offered their hospitality as they make us go inside and eat some even though it’s only a matter of “Defence Mechanism”, the reaction formation (plasticity in layman’s term), but not all, my co-NTs were very accommodating and even bugged us to enter the room. Actually we only planned to drop by for we’re curious about what’s in stores there. But then, to find out that they were laughing out loud in the influence of alcohol accompanied by videoke singers going crazy to the microphone with songs sang like it was their winning moment standing on stage and feel the limelight (just like me when I sing in the bathroom) like what we thought when we’re on our way to ER. Thanks to palabok and cake to satisfy my tummy. 🙂 I’m kinda shy to get some leche flan thinking that I’ve eaten enough and to limit myself for a little part was left. 🙂 Besides it’s their party and I’m not a self-proclaimed ER family for them, me myself as the BASTARD of the institution. 🙂

Graveyard on duties on a rejuvenate modeThe action begins to spark its own flame as we arrived having a mild toxicity from our endorsers 2pm to 10pm shift. 🙂 On duties were slowing down from the bulk of work that happened on their 8-hour shift. We saw them walking around on the treatment area doing some after care to the newborn which on my part felt so happy for the two girl NTs who were there witnessing the birth of a new life. 🙂 And of course the blame was put on me after I broke my promise for them that I will time in at around 6pm to add up on manpower. Hehe! But I was able to calm them down and spice up with a happy smile to put them in a fun environment before they leave the four of us there. 🙂 It was so unusual that time for the percentage of the admitting patients was less than 1%. We just hang there on the ER lounge for the rest of the shift waiting for the coming of emergencies. But not a single came. Me and Tin (my fellow co-NT) had to go party with some coffee to getUnder Repair us up and alert for the whole shift. Proud to say the coffee was put us down after boredsome brought by intoxicated ER ambiance. Cool?! 🙂 But it was a sad finale when one left the world and time to crossover to God’s place there in heavenly paradise. From our one night stay, we admit one patient to pedia and one pronounced death care of Dr. Villanueva. 🙂 Then we go home say our goodbyes and now on my three day straight off out of the four day vacation after I let my one day rest offer to save lives even if it was for ER alone. 🙂 Happy Christmas ‘08 Everybody?! 🙂