Nothing is permanent except for change. Change is constant and can’t alter itself but it can adapt itself from the various things that happen to it. From time to time, the world is facing different transitions. And from that, people don’t know how to adjust through that sudden reaction which spurts from nowhere. Change can occur to all aspects, either living or non-living. Not a single clue where, when, what and how will it occur. Understanding of it will come across on its existence and going through with it maybe a simple but brilliant solution to deal with.

Change is indeed a stable formula of the universe. It entitles us most especially humans to get along with it. Life is so boring if things we used to see and do were the same day by day. Unlike the continuous flow of change, many things can be happen. Perhaps, being prepared and ready to its attack can be, for now, the single weapon to battle it. Being open can also be a great attitude but not all have this unique trait. A positive attitude to life can also help for it gives the empowering energy to hang up with its company and pretending nothing had happen it’s just change passed by and come across.