I just can’t believe that some people were so boxed that they even let themselves get stuck to an idealism that eats their minds getting lost about the true essence of learning. Maybe because they are different and bound to have their own belief it doesn’t mean to say that they stagnate themselves there on that suck fest partying so crazy. 🙂 I don’t know if they were blinded by thoughts they’ve learned from the past… life had taught them. It’s hard to understand them at first for everybody is entitled for their opinion. And besides it a free country by the way?! We’re living in a Republican soil, an olden heritage worth fighting for… democracy in other sense. But it turns to be a big dump when the things to live by for the day, correct the unright stuffs, open up topics and be educated by it or any kind that snaps a bright idea of openness. Just being open-minded. They spoiled the essence of conversation… learning. It really SUCKS.

Not denying it, I’m among of the population of tight-fisted mind. But now, I’m trying to understand all the things happening every single moment of a knowledgeable opportunity. Like accepting every scenes of each and every one of us having a different picture of LIFE. Maybe it’s kinda deep and hard to understand but it’s how I interpret it as I perceive through my senses. Hehe?! 🙂 Going beyond the road, it seems that ‘understanding’ is by far has the connection to line and merge to the dot of ‘respect’ and ‘open-minded’. Realizing the essence of this concept made me somehow low down my ego after that 8 day account banned penalty verdict upon me at Crazy Chat and the whole nagging thing from different people which includes doctors, staffs and employees but of course my mom?! Hehe. 🙂 Well, to think that the world is out of that closed door policy thing and free from any iron curtain of some sort. I guess that this planet is the best place to live in as compare to any in the universe.