“Welcome to G-Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” A welcome opening from Globe. TWO-BIG-TANGO?! 🙂

OPD hours were just an ordinary duty day for me though its more exciting for some of my co-NTs as the whole gang is looking ahead to fly into the surplus shop of the ‘bangketa boys’ selling cellphone, mp3, PSP, and some toys like GameBoy with its stuffs. 🙂 But it was a toxic day for the Medicine Room for only one doctor attended the first half of the patients blathered by the interviewing guys outside the waiting area. A traumatic experience from some of the new NTs as they taste the bitterness of being banged by the sizzling hot aura of the on deck after finding out that it’s a ‘medico-legal’ which was the ER’s scope of responsibility. But it’s the patient’s fault anyway after what that particular person said which figures out the cause of that ‘doctor-doctor explosion’?! 🙂 HaHa?! On the other hand, were some of colleagues the NSN officers with some of its friends roaming around in the small cubicle the ‘Treatment Area’ making some monkey business about the Opera thing. HaHa?! 🙂 While others have to cut duty hours for the ‘HATAW’ which was the task bestowed by their superiors. But the needs of the patients were met for the manager was there in his office not missing in action. 🙂 ROS as the most generic procedure offered plus dressing was the highlight of that day’s service. We have about 3 or 4?! Or alike? I’m quite unsure. 🙂

Before the above aforementioned happened, I’m so grateful to God that He helped me managed some things regarding my extension and I’m very “THANKFUL” to Him for that wonderful blessing given from ‘Up Above’. 🙂 With some other NTs waiting for the verdict opens the door holding that ‘Golden Ticket’ which represents ‘I Survive The Japanese Game Show’?! But the stupid me had lost that ‘Amazing Grace’ after just a quick snap dingdonged inside my head that something was left missing?! RETARD?! 🙂 Then Francis and I had to go back again and do some nursing stuffs waiting for the lunch break to strike in the clock. But it was a toxic day to Medicine for we had to finish at around 1:35pm just to sweep the blathers into the doctors’ desk. Good thing that another MD came to add some hands to attend the patient’s needs. Finally we had eaten our lunch at a different ambiance with another NT at OB-Gyne with softdrinks Dr. Boto’s treat for us over at the OB-Gyne also. HeHe?! 🙂 Suddenly somebody knocks the door and gave some respect to the pathologist guy after opening it. Then he has this open topic which was really interesting. It was about ‘Cervical Ca’ which was the evolution of HPV. My company of girls were then advice to have a vaccine for that cancer to prevent such occurrence. For just a cost of Php 4,500? For heaven sake?! A big investment for all my single ladies to have it as a precautionary measure. WASAK?! Anyway, pathologist dude was enlighten us up that instead of having treasure chest filled with golden coins and jewelleries of various cuts and design, why not deal with this kind of offer?  Some highlights on the open discussion made with Q&A at the middle of the two MD were brain cancers stages, Ectopic Pregnancy, IUD, Squamous Carcinoma were mentioned out of that simple forum alone?! 🙂 What a fun conversation I joined as learning was stimulated in our hard headed heads. HeHe?!

Then a shocking headline flashed by after we found out that the ‘RESULTS ARE IN?!’ for those who take the recent November 2008 NLE (I have a separate article to this topic). After that freezing drive, we had to go back to work again. Call some patients, put them in the line, let the doctors finished the writing before another one puts in. It goes over and over, in addition to that, asking whether there were still patients pending to seen by the doctors with orders made and carried out by themselves. 🙂 Then the cross-eyed status of my vision to that ‘crazy census’ really makes me quite dizzy.

Then the whole gang was set and ready to go after Claudette made up her mind to be with the group of the ‘kuripots’. 😉 We ride on the tricycle in two groups and arrived at the spot exactly I used to hook up before during our ‘Community RLE days at German Hospital’. A bit home coming for a former student who have been for there wayback 2006. 🙂 Sir Berto was there staying with his sidewalk vendor friends. Then we find and search our fave pick but not a single soothes my taste, by the way I just go with them to canvas some mp3 gadgets, too bad there were no mp3s found but instead of that ‘Xpress Music Nokia’ phone the seller keep on playin and showing for the purpose of attracting some buyers but none in the group cast his spells to them. HaHa?! 🙂 We were so firm that we have to stick on our own price offers just to win in the bid and take the selected gadget home. But not a single has ever humbled to closed the deal. My company adhere to the ‘No Deal’ decision but still the ‘bangketa bankers’ plays to its same offer. So nobody wins?! And we decided to go home. But not for us (Me, Francis and Claudette). 🙂

We went to Migs place just hang there and eat a family size bowl of fishball and meatballs they bought in the market, but we arrived first realizing that they are having some marketing basics we had to wait them patiently for about a couple of minutes. Migs sister was accommodating to us as she let us get in to their ‘reception area’. 😉 And the three of them arrived, Gwenduleng, The Chief Nurse Trainee, Gladys, The Bubbly Emo? 🙂 HaHa! And Migs himself, The Director slash Photographer. We went on their living room to sit but WE BEG PERMISSION FIRST?! HaHa?! But in an informal way. So we got there and use the computer to see who’s who in the November 2008 NLE successful examinees but Gladys on the other hand have an unjustifiable feeling what she will show up on her outside. Emo? Well I don’t know? Maybe it’s in her nature to get overflowed with feeling of the unknown, it’s us, her support group have to be at her side to make her feel she’s not lost or alone and watching her back if ever she’s in the middle of the crossroads. Maybe Claudette can manage to do it on her Piscean sister. 🙂 A message of concern from an EMO. Like me?! HeHe. 🙂 Then we eat the food they’ve cooked, it was like a hurricane had passed having that blow by blow pick up of the yummy goodness of mouth-watering home-made sawsawan tandem to the best selling turo-turo?! Hahaha?! 🙂 A short rest and some happy tripping of wacko pictures were the next activity. At around 7:30pm we went home say our goodbyes until next time of seeing each other’s KA-WASAKAN?! HAHAHAHA?! 🙂 Me with Gladys again as companion, having her HiHi brrrrr things to ‘TOOOOOOOOOTH?!’ in the middle of a moderate to light jeepney ride of Manong Driver on the way home. 😉

It was a fun and packed journey with my co-NTs. Sooner or later, there will be another session of this happy gatherings with newly added company of friends. 🙂 Hooking up a jeep again, Mam Angel and Sir Budz were coincidentally ride the same too. But I got inside first?! HaHa?! They were having some ‘kilig’ moments so I gave them the privacy to do such?! HaHa?! 🙂 Lucky Sir Budz. An Angel made him so peaceful and having that sense of euphoria on her loving arms. 🙂 It’s like he’s bound to see the heaven and the stars within that paradise whenever he is with her?! WHAT A LUCK GUY?! WU-WHOOOOOH?! Isang APIR SIR?! HaHa?! 🙂

So there, this is my ‘GREAT WALL OF CHINA’ post a first blog article for this site. 🙂 To all the NTs out there. Please feel free to post anything here. Just e-mail the_volunteers@yahoo.com for your article.

NSN and Friends. 🙂