I’ve never thought that I’ll indulge myself tripping to a group and get off from ‘soberness’ even just for a day. 🙂 I didn’t imagine that my 400 box was slipped over the hands of the organizing team to add it in the budget. 🙂 Some may think it’s a small amount but for me, that’s an overflowing grand coming from a self proclaimed ‘kuripot’. HeHe! 🙂 Looking at the brighter side, it may cost a lot of penny but for the sake of enjoyment and a relaxing vibe free from any torture the world has to give in exchange of a chillaxing breath-taking moment, I shouldn’t fail to grab the opportunity like these. But of course (as what Gee has to say. 😀 ). For a couple of times, this topic has been the objective of most of the forums and the prime skit in the overflowing drama, definitely it is final, were off to Batangas. 🙂 WHHIIH?! 😀 Nothing really hinders Claudette that through the spirit of will power, she can make things fall beyond her control. HeHe! I wonder if she’s using witchcraft or some sort of magic on this? 😀

It was really set?! It’s not only a joke like we use to throw back and forth when we’re gathering in a conference. But indeed a reality! Yes it is?! All was set to action as what was started from scratch was played into a reality. I open my YM and here comes in the IM of Claudette. I’m quite wasted from what we had on our way back from San Lazaro but when I read what was her message, I just realized that she’s freakin excited for it?! 😀 I smiled from her message not realizing that I didn’t turn off the computer and get napped for about 30 minutes. Anyway, it’s a short time to wait the machine to run for a quite long. 🙂 I’m off to bed after the computer shuts down not being prepared my stuff to bring on the next day. Without further reason of coming late and to fix my things, I set my alarm clock timed at 3:30am. Sleepy head was into deep slumber when he got realized that it’s 4:30am. So I have to move fast like the speed of the wind to be there close enough on the said scheduled but it’s not what I was expecting. HeHe! I get there at the waiting place and saw Kuya Ian, Bonn and Armando chatting. Waiting about a little, Mam Ana arrive with her promised of snacks (two plastic bags of junkfoods) which she didn’t break. We left ‘The One Stop Shop’ store at 6:30am (on Jen’s time). Definitely the blame was not put on my back but to Jet who arrived just on time for the sunrise. 😀

Off we go to Batangas?! Some of us were down a little bit but for the girls (You Know Who You Are?! 🙂 ) still becomes unstoppable in flapping out their insanity which makes the jeepney filled with laughing gases . 🙂 We got to swing momentarily to Tandang Sora to hooked up Sir James as the last one to join in escapade. Then we’re finally speed up to get there fast. But the trouble of might getting lost buzzed our worry free feeling. We have no idea where we going except for the map that Claudette googled and of course Claudette herself who have been there for about a year. So we’re all have to be attentive and alert as we search for our destination. A wrong turn were an example for us first timer people who divert our focus from other things, I guess this was the reason why we haven’t recognized that were not in the right path. Instead of going to Calamba Exit, Manong Driver get straight ahead after turning left from the expressway. But still with the help of the map and Dora, the Explorer, we’re still through on the race :). While in the road, and having that camera as included in the list of must haves for an outing like this, picture takings of every captive moments has been always a hobby of the friendster uploaders. 🙂 It was a great opportunity to meet other personalities as Gwen bring two of her girlfriends, Claudette also bring one and Jet whose always had to backed up by her wife. 🙂

It was a long hours of driving, so we had decided to stop by on a gasoline station to grant the call of nature’s request for some of our ‘biyaheros at biyaheras’ for we’ll go straight ahead on our expedition. The private diesel continuously drives its way to the endpoint. Drive… Drive… and Drive… while on its 10 vs. 10 passenger seats were travellers doing their own thing like what their used to do in a long voyage. On the other hand, Sir James and Dex were having some of their party groove when they heard the beat of Tam’s mp3 playing on the speakers below their seats. Head bangingsounds for rockers like Me and Gwen were also part of the playlist as we all sang on the songs of Parokya ni Edgar. Then Claudette proclaimed that we’re now close there which means that the thoughts of infinity lining on the road were going to end by a dot and few seconds away, were nearly going to get off our seats! Then we all saw the blue sea waving its surf curves as a welcome greeting. Party mouth Francis shows his feedback responses on that warm teaser the coast had given to him. 🙂

The long wait was over?! WUUU-WHOOOOOOH?! At 11:30am we landed to the shores of San Juan. Claudette, Migs and Sir James have to leave us for awhile as they’ll going to search the base of the castaways. Tourists chill for a sec after ‘checking in’ to the ‘bahay kubo’. 😀 All the hungry people were got snapped realizing what Tam has to complain about something, and it’s the ‘super kalan’ (unsure about if it’s the right term for that cooking equipment? 😀 ) Many attempts were made just to start up the fire but no examinees succeeded. 😀 HaHa! Good thing that rice cooker was there to save the day. 🙂 But we can’t ease the hunger of our starving tummy so we had to grab the food on the table quickly to satisfy our stomach with the very Filipino breakfast Scrambled egg, The Tomato version, Longganisa and the very generic rice. Claudette had to announced that the styro-plates and plastic cups should be saved for it will be the same utensils that we’re going to use when we eat again! HaHaHa?! 😀 So the maid had to wash the dishes to make it clean. 😀 After fixing ourselves, we start to cook the Sinigang.

Some of our companies were captivate by the wonderful and amazing paradise made by God, the fact that their camera lens have to picture the place they perceived as impressive. 🙂 I love the brownish white sand and the clear blue waters that pushes some forceful wave big enough to play with its surfs. There was a high tide that time so the water was beyond its shore line level. Overflowing of excitement! Some of us had to go all the way and feel the nature’s splash of saltwater. In the kubo, Tam was slicing some sweet ripe mango for us to have some plunge of mango shake. The mango cravers have some seed parts as their pre-taste before the session begun. 🙂 A Toss to the goodness of friendship, the blessing showered down and the dream which turns to a reality. Majority left the nipa hut to swim… swim… swim… and swim… The light dims little by little as the sea calms and the waters low down, rocks were seen on the shallow part of the sea floor. I manage to picked some coral-like stones which I brought home as a remembrance from our stay and for the purpose of giving my Dad’s mini pond pets a Batangas sea memorabilia. 🙂 The sunset marks the time for a pictorial session under the ‘director of photography’ Migs. We supposed to have a silhouette photo but the light of the setting sun didn’t suite the required amount for the camera to do such. And so we’re just click the camera button to make the most out of it to make that memorable day documented digitally. 😀 The night sky leads us back towards our home base, it’s time to cook our food (roasting Tulingan which Edmar puts something on it, maybe the fault must be put to Quickfire for that 10 minute kitchen wonder. 😀 ) for dinner and afterwards have some simple night-out.

Can’t get enough of the issues?! Each of us having a different personality, we’re all might subject to some compromised things that might occur. Like what the ‘bikini girls’, I think not all of them where got pissed for some reasons which I don’t want to put in here, after all the essence of this blog is to share thoughts that may give further knowledgeable anecdotes, which in particular how a certain trainee deal life when it comes to the professional field of caring, which I guess learned while reading this. So guys, just leave it there. I remember a saying which goes a little something like this, “Whatever happens in Batanags, stays in Batangas” (maybe all of you were familiar about this famous quote? But the topic of this post is about Batangas right? HeHe. 😀 ). Maybe this quote will put a borderline for the people whose part of the escapades to remain silent and put themselves to right to privacy to avoid sparks of understanding. We’ll it’s up to you guys (all of the participants of the San Juan out-of-town) if you want to divulge it. You might risk yourself in danger, I mean in a confrontation then having misunderstanding which eventually create enemies later on. HeHe?! Are you threatened? I’m just reminding you. 😀 Don’t take risk if you want to open the ‘pandora’s box’ when you’re in doubt.

We packed-up our things at about 4am on the morning of the 1st day of March. We decided not to extend our stay for some personal reasons and besides, we don’t have enough budget anymore. HeHeHe?! 😀 We ride on the Jeepney not having peed or brush our teeth for there’s no water since midnight! No choice but to leave the place and went home! 🙂 On our way back home, all were get slumber again. Twilight is passing by as I woke up. Upon realizing we’re not moving, I found out that Manong Driver had to repair the extra wheel just in case if we accidentally had a flat tire a back up can be a restore. I have to go down to stretch my legs for a while before Indian sit again on my sit. HaHa?! I had a hard time there huh! 😀 While the others had to eat puto bought to Manang Street Vendor. And our travel continues… Hours of driving… Sleeping… Looking at nowhere… Stopover… Picture-pictures… Driving again… Driving… and Driving… Edmar have to go down at Heart Center for some reasons I do not know. The first castaway to go home. HeHe?! Then others say their goodbyes and left one by one. And Me the author of this post is the last sole survivor, the winner, who had to step out. 🙂

It was an unforgettable experience; I had fun living just for a day in the seaside. Looking at the faces of the adventurers they’re all have a great time. Lesson of the story, “nothing has to stopped somebody who wants to have fun…” kill joy sucks all the way on their own suck-fest. 😀 (Sorry for those who were hit by this phrase. HaHa!) To wrap this up, on behalf of the Volunteers and friends who join the San Juan treat. TWO-BIG-TANGO to the organizers! It was definitely a BLAST! And to Claudette, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU from your NSN and Circle of Friends Family. 😀 (this post is subject to proof reading. HeHe! It’s too long kasi 😀 Just leave a comment for the desired editing, we want to hear it from you. 😀 )