Weeks had passed after that euphoric drive runs in the system of each and every one who participated in this HATAW ’09 thing. It maybe a ‘big deal’ for some hataweros and hataweras to win that glory after what the numbers had showed with regards to the expenses they had invested plus the required attendance for that killer moves to get their feet on beyond the expectations. With the full loaded meals the Kitchen Section had to piled up every weekdays for the past 6 weeks, the support of Mam Connie and the other Superiors as well and how can they haven’t forget to mention, but of course, the NTs who give that ‘helping hand’ for them from the very beginning to the props crafted by Propsman hiding in the instincts of some, as Pep Squads with the Cheerleaders of course, and even PAs to assist the crap out of their costume. With all that production?! Who could ever thought if they’ll gonna win this? HeHe! Having realize that there’s such a thing going on in this institution, I got so left alone to think that I’m someone to left by (well not all the time?! HaHa! Kidding! :D) being under the high of floating toxicity but can manage to handle it with the help of my co-NTs and the competent staffs. 🙂 Anyway, the people involved there was able to finish their hours of duty before hitting there under the roofs of Training Office. 😀

From 8 am to 5 pm of constant practice making it close to perfection on the strict instructions and graceful but bouncing moves of Sir Tots, the Team was definitely put into rigid training physically and maybe some emotional grips of control (is there a such? HeHe!) to put their mind set to winning. So why the heck I, in the latter, was involved here? To make the story short, they are gathering some manpower to accomplish the 25 PAs each was given an assignment to serve their masters. 😀 HaHaHa! What an incredible but fun task. 🙂 It was I think on the 23rd of the Love Month, 3 days away to the competition, when Claudette and her gang pulled me out in the OPD to be part of the crews plus other OPD NTs as well. As assigned to be the assist of Sir Budz as helping him put in his stuffs on and of course to Sir Andy who was one of the first to perform on their separate numbers, I have to do it fast but relax, and not to put under pressure to the whole team. At first, our nerves were out of our conscious authority (what the? HeHe!) yeah, I mean come to think of it? We’re having a short time to practice (for the NTs only), to think that it’s only a dress rehearsal? But things were very possible in God’s time when Sir Tots had to cut the movers on a certain part of the song to have themselves enough time to dress them up. 😀 Problem solved! To polish things on its finest, we have to work out our actions more quickly in serving our ‘Masters’ while ‘they’ have to do their thing in putting some bounce and that ‘sardonic’ I mean ‘social smile’ on their apathetic face! HaHa! Joking! Peace Out! 😀 So not just cheering, but we, the NTs, have to encourage them to smile even if it’s already tiring on their behalf. 🙂

All was set on Friday, February 27, 2009. For the PAs we have to wear black, T-shirt and Pants, or anything darker like what the marshals wearing in the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition. We assemble at Training Office at 5am. While waiting for the others to arrive, Migs and I have decided to drop by to Nursing Office if the others were there but it wasn’t happen when Mam Connie had to do some favour. HaHa! Volunteerism at its finest. 🙂 We leave the place at around 6pm with Claudette, Gwen, Edmar, JL, Mam Jenn, Gladys, Roxanne, and others with Sir Ron and his wife. On our way to San Lazaro, the host for this year, laughing gas was escaped which is why the trip was not bored. Caught the attention of the people in the road as the ambulance’s alarm had to make some noise and take advantage of it making our engines in the fast and the furious status. HaHaHa! It was so cool that the first ambulance (were Mam Connie and some of the staffs and the one we are following) had to made its way to the other opposite part of the highway to get rid of the traffic at NCBA with the WANG-WANG of course, with the maximum volume. HeHe! A very eye catchy disruption made, we have to send them with a wave putting some bits of good times. HeHe. Racing on the road before hitting Litex was an on the spot pictorial session care of Migs! HaHa! It is when our diesel and their ambulance came across so close enough to take some pics while both vehicles were in motion. 😀 A problem arise when we got stuck on Riverside, Brgy. Commonwealth after passing the Marikina Terminal! WASAK! We thought that it was just a common problem which can be easily resolved but when it keeps on and on, so we have to wait there hoping that it will be fix. I go down just for a sec to lighten up my stiffing feet and to breathe some fresh polluted air in the vicinity. Sir Ron on the other hand had to be a traffic enforcer for the day to manage the flow in the road. The attempts to start the four wheel drive were not successful that’s why the 3rd placer slow ambulance on standby rescue the 9 of us (the PAs only) leaving Sir Ron and his wife together with the driver. The journey continues in the ambulance packed with people unease in their uncomfort zone. HaHa!

Arriving at the venue at 9am, where all other contestants chillaxing and loitering on the vicinity of San Lazaro Hospital. I was amazed by the ambiance of the architectural coined in the Spanish era. For me, nothing has changed on the whole buildings to think that it’s my first time to step on that place. HeHe. It was so nice, classy and the preserve by the past and present administration. I think San Lazaro is a good example what the was the life of our ancestors during the 1500s. 🙂 Cam Moments has been a part of the daily routine of the NTs as we are all inborn ‘photogenic’! HaHa! We do capture some of the selected sites in San Lazaro, like the Unisex CR, which is a unique way to exercise equality for both sexes. 😀 The glass wall of the office of the Secretary of Health which has a mirror effect we definitely once get a glimpse of our whole body picture, 😀 and of course the home where real stars our born. 🙂

Mr. Megaphone man suddenly call the attention of the different parties to park on their respective groups for we’ll going to have a parade only half of the circumference! HaHa! The walk begins the opening of the HATAW ’09. With the groupies of KSPs, HAHA, we throw a cheer to boom them with nervousness! HaHa! Just to make the opposing troops little scared. 😀 The parade ended on the stage where each of the Top 11 will showcase what they had in stored to us.What a surprise when Mark Logan was there whose gonna cover the event. Waiting for the others to finish their turn were the Team Tongke-lites waiting to unveil their grand prize winning number. HaHa. Looking at them, they were all confident on their seats that they will bring home the title. While the 5th group were doing their presentation, we, The PAs, were setting the materials on both sides of the Hataw Stage. I quite nervous that time, maybe I’m just overwhelmed by what the audience had to expect but I don’t really care! HaHa! Why should I bother! I’m not part of that contest! Come on! HaHa! Kidding. And the time has come to judge what was the Team had cooked on that day. The music was played and I felt a slight trembling in my system, maybe it’s the effect of Milo’s caffeine but I really didn’t care the heck at all. Thank God that He puts me into focus that day. 😀 The intro was started then after that Sir Andy was went inside our cubicle so as his PA, I had to dress him so quick to reach on the mark of the allotted time. Sir Andy goes out and here’s Sir Budz come in, and so here I am putting his stuff in. Now it’s Sir Budz turn and for the second time Sir Andy came in to remove his coconut thing on his knee. Sir Budz gets in finally after his part and wait for the girls to finish their belly dancing part. Me and Gladys had to light the candle in a toxic way to meet the time for their ‘cool down’ which we did without a fail and so it was done. Remove all the things used and just put them temporarily on both sides again to put no hassle on their last performance, when the time they were crowned as “CHAMPION”?! 😀

PAs had to left just for awhile to eat our launch. 😀 HaHa! That was a long wait before we had to satisfy our craving tummies. HeHe. With a Steak, Chapsuy and the very generic Rice as the meal for that day wrap on the styro, the kids had definitely love the taste the Dietary Department has to give. 😀 with Zesto as a plus. We go back inside to finish the whole program. It’s funny how the organizers had to incorporate the exercise which makes the crowd dance follow the video and the dancers as well on the stage. 😀 I can’t see myself dancing on those cheesy novelty songs but believe it or not, I just did. 😀 HAHA! What a persuading charisma Gwen had cast. 🙂 Having some fun that day, Roxanne and Claudette made a duet of the three songs which was very old fashion but doing their own versions the songs sounds lovelier compare to the original artists. But the hilarious part when somebody caught our attention when the groovy beyond the hataws was shaking that booty on the dance floor. It is indeed a highlight of that day! Thinking it alone makes me giggle. 🙂

The long wait was over! Atleast for the impatient young ones, HeHe! The verdict was going to announce anytime soon! So we’re all keeping our fingers cross for our beloved DJNRMH, but were expecting to go home with the title though we have to be down to earth despite of the obvious results. 😀 Yes it is! We went home taking that trophy and the honour of being the # 1! HAHAHA! Victory is definitely for us. Big Thanks to God who the main reason why it was happened. 😀 I wonder why the enemies didn’t make a protest after we had won. Maybe they were shocked and blown away by the ‘production number’ we made. HeHe. 🙂

So we head towards home with a very uncomfortable position again. 😀 Poor Roxanne as she tried to survive on her seat after Sir James had to go down on HIWAY and transferred in front to let her butt breathe enough on the right space. 😀 We’re all wasted that afternoon as we all slept while on the road. We head down on the intersection of Malaria Road and Quirino Highway and left us there. To wrap this up, I was just screwed on the way home when I forgot that it was our last day at OPD and the OPD gang were throwing a party that moment! WASAK! What a crazy day to end this post.