Staying up late at night is a heroism for others… that’s what the calling want’s us to understand. 😀

too lazy to serve free

The Knights of Pedia, watchful in the deepest silence of the darkness. Provide the necessary elements of care for the wounded health of the youngsters and fight their current ailments. Crusaders at night, an ordinary at daytime, that’s what the graveyard shift is all about.

We, the babysitters are indulged in safeguarding every child in any kind of approaches holistically. 😀 An oath to God and a duty to execute before Him… a purpose to live by in every single living of our lives.

Every situation is a challenging work for adaptation… things that I remember when I first have my official assignment in the world of Pedia. It was overcoming every end of the shift, a relief that the kids are all in calm and relax state after giving the appropriate attention. Sometimes, I felt so sad about what these kids are going through. At their age, they have to enjoy their life without any worries for the point of a real childhood happens only once in their entire growing life?! Can’t imagine the trauma and stress they feel much more doubled in the part of their love ones. The kids don’t deserve this, if only they are well cared and monitored enough.

Looking at the other side, I don’t blame the parents of these cute and cuddly kids. I try to understand and put myself in their perspective. There are some certain factors why things went wrong in the first place, and here I am, at some point of my philanthropy career, wants to extend my helping hands to them, but these restrictions hinders me… if only I am the ever richer RN (registered nanny) to give the immediate things ASAP, but no… I am just ‘a nobody’ giving my all and very best to save a life. O_O

Night Life.

Reality check… waking up in the morning of reality bites, but praying for the betterment of each and every one of us especially the kids. 😀

Addendum: Though sometimes we don’t get to work in our assign task, we decided to make our time productive by changing the decorations of our working station. That’s an improvement anyhow… 😀