Phone Cam Memories above the Water Tank way back Lenten Season. 😀 A nice and great feeling while chillin’ under the surface of the earth… it feels like HEAVEN… 😀

moments looking beyond the streams…

What an unexplainable feeling… being on top of the world and all that?! The feeling of flying and temporary escaping from the real world… being free (much better than living in a Democratic state. :D) and going with the flow while staying on top like the idea of floating above the grounds and reaching the skies of heaven like a welcoming kiss of serenity. 😀

April of 2009 was one of those unremarkable ‘together again’ with some circle of friends and the other different

still in the tower

faces. It was a penitence in commemoration of the Catholic Church’s ‘HOLY WEEK’. We (me and my companies) got to do the famous ‘Station of the Cross’ in the famous Lourdes Grotto Shrine, location, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines. 😀 It’s a famous landmark, and for some Catholics to visit the Lourdes Shrine every year, kinda like a tradition in the name of ‘FAITH’. 😀 Speaking of the Lourdes Grotto Shrine, FYI, the architecture layout of the sacred place, the church, was mimic to the famous Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral which can be found in Lourdes, France. 🙂 According to those who have known the stories, the owner of the land where the shrine was build had a promise to himself that he will build the same church he had seen after he saw the cathedral in Lourdes, France on that day he visit that place way-way back in the past. 🙂

Going back to my top-of-the-world experience, like what was mentioned earlier, it was started in month of April 2009

Duggie is EmO_o

where we get to visit the Lourdes Grotto Shrine. Next stop was to a colleague’s place as we spent the remaining hours of that day. It was different from other ‘out-goings’ I’ve attended in the past. Maybe I was more like adjusting my social life after jumping in a new trend of hanging out… meaning adjusting from the previous to the present attendings, something to that extent. 😀

As that time goes by… we decided to visit the whereabouts of a certain tank as some of us get curious to it after knowing its existence. 😀 And so we head our way towards that mini skyscraper-ish tank. When we start climbing up to the tank’s top, it freaks the inside of me as I climbed to its rusty steps. SCARY… O_O But it the fear factor moment was paid off after we’re arrived on that spot…

looking forward to upcomings…

the site where the heaven and the Earth were apart from each other

the space where a drift from nowhere can be a slight relief of pain

and a sweet escape from the reality equation

a far beyond self meeting an unexplainable phenomenon

the blowing is a glowing music from extraordinary instrument called nature

a the freedom of all freedom the humanity seek an expedition 😀

I don’t know if someone who’s reading above poem understands its message, but my very own poetry gives the details of straight from that person witnessed to stand on that point… and that is ME. 😀