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I remember that moment when a weird instinct strikes my mind, out of nowhere, that the word ‘OTTO’ has a bad impression for me. To get straight to the point, it is something to do with a certain respiratory disease called tuberculosis, freaky right? O_O And so that weird instinct of mine was right regarding that word ‘OTTO’, a term that needs to be watch out for, being careful and alert of the defenses needed before going there, at that place… that separates from the others, and face the toughest thing to encounter so far. That is, entering the territory that brought the strange intuition… The ‘OTTO’ Ward.

During my DJNRMH days, it is a requirement to bring sputum samples of the suspected

There's a story behind this storyline... mind to check it out. Komiks! 🙂

TB patients there at OTTO Ward. Once detected of having such diagnosis, patient immediately transfers out there to avoid further transmission of the disease. I had to admit that stepping around the perimeters of OTTO Ward is an obstacle needing to jump over to pass that sophisticated boundary, fighting for fear, I guess? 🙂 Covering my nose every time I walk in front of that building or put my mask made of small fabric, clean gloves when handling sputum caps and my stored immunity as my barriers of protection whenever I deliver samples.

And the time came in as I was assigned to render my free-of-charge caring service to the

O (^_^) vs X (T_T)

humble and welcoming quarters of OTTO Ward, unlike other wards, not a single electric fan has placed in and aside from that, fluorescent lamps are on at night, (I’m in the graveyard shift by the way. :D) maybe to kill the bacteria is the reason, I think. 🙂 On my first night, I felt a bit anxious as I struggle on a piece of five sterile compressed into one every time I interact with the patients. It was about on the 2nd week of May after I got to used my N92 mask. It was very useful in this kind of case scenario. 🙂

SOON!!! I'm gonna be a STAFF to_O!!!

We used to have long hours of rest during our night shift, but there are times where we’re awake to monitor the status of the more compromised patients. It was very hard for me to witness those times when we can’t do the impossible things to alleviate their suffering, the only way that I can offer to them is my prayers to give them more

i-plus the toilet! 😀

strength to fight for their lives and for the benefit. Though sometimes I meet trials to test my management of dealing in difficult situation that became my ups and downs, which eventually the lessons I’ve learn in the end of the day. 🙂 Oh its what life has to tell me over and over again, understand so much things happening day by day in circles, one way how the Big Guy sends out his message. 🙂