And so, I arrived in my last remaining days of my internship in a public hospital which is close to my heart (I mean literally, ‘close to my heart’.). How am I supposed to move on if time is keeping you from having the opportunity to be with someone else? Meaning doing the things you are in it, since it was marked on the day you were born, destined to become someone more reasonable? The opportunity of becoming one of the best… and to fulfill the things I really want? My passion…

A Letter of Love, Cuddos to the author of this Index Card Masterpiece.

Yes it is really hard to move on if you’re being so attached to it. Being the lifesaver I am today, which changes the entire definition of life on my own perspective. LIFE, kinda sucks, but it is a gift. Live with it. Deal with it. Grow with it.

Perhaps I am a vulnerable person, easily get affected, needing to be loved. People around me don’t even bother to know that, but I do really need someone for me to be cared of (which is what I hate about myself, but it’s just being me. So that’s why people mistaken me that I’m gay because I’m SO SOFT. F@%#K). This is might be the reason why I am so attached to my patients… doing in all my power to restore their health, save their lives and move on with their own lives. Though at the end of the day, I go home and realized I am not God.

N.O. bystander


As what others say, ‘maybe God has His own reasons.’ Me, I considered it as a blessing. I know he saves a chapter in my life to learn about the things I don’t really understand, helping me to realized what’s ‘LIFE’ is really about. And for that He’s given me a post for me to write about it. Weird but it’s His ways anyways. 🙂

So maybe it’s time to patch things up on my life with Tala, though I am still hoping for the welcoming hallways and doors of advantageous chance of becoming a member of their team… to be a STAFF NURSE. 🙂