Thanksgiving, it’s a way of showing how a person expresses the feeling of thankfulness from an unconditional deed especially if it’s a blessing after a Divine Intervention. From time to time, thanksgiving is a culture of Filipino Christians, whether to celebrate it through a simple mass offertory or a mini gathering of family. But in my case, we did it both.

Divine Mercy
Sightings in Divine Mercy
The burial of Jesus
Catatonic Angel

A blessing of healing from God is the main agenda why we decided to dedicate a mass for the speedy recovery of my brother after hospitalized from a dreading case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. It was the first time my family had encountered a scenario where a member was being admitted in a health care institution. But through the MERCY and LOVE of God to my family, He granted our prayer request, that is ‘to cure my brother’s sickness’ and He never failed us. That’s the one thing we had to thank of after what He had done to my brother, especially to my ever understanding parents.

Garden Theme Altar
Mom buys Sampaguita



Since it was a Sunday, it’s also a family day for us, mom decide to take us out for lunch in a restaurant, where we ordered their specialty, roasted chicken. That same day, we head ourselves in the grocery to do some necessity shopping. Good exercise if you ask me, roaming in a mall and a simple kind of bonding for us. The thing that matters is that, we, as a family, stick together whether good or bad happens… and being God as the center of our family relationship. 🙂