Yeah, that’s one catchy title that introduces my feelings of regretfulness… being left behind and sorry for myself as I let my life get wasted. ‘Where am I in the race?’, a question adapted to what Mrs. Fruto said way back my first semester of my freshman days. I over delayed my plans, haven’t focus that much to my priorities, pressured too much by these judgmental norms. I don’t know what how to escape from this skepticism and be able to reach my goals in life.

I over reacted too much for the outcomes even though I haven’t tried it yet.  Am I that ‘BAD’, that’s why I’m being punished? I’m a coward… afraid of what will happen, but I prepared myself to that ever since I stand up and walk towards the path.

Deep Digging Symmetry

A failure… failed to do the excellence, but I am working on it. 🙂

A bad shot… wrong target for the good decision making, but I am now trying weigh things and come up in a right decisions. 🙂

Never lose HOPE… My dream shall NEVER DIE. 😀