The end starts with a new beginning… and it is the split second between the closing of the year 2009 and the opening of the New Year 2010. Wrap out the current year’s journals and start all over again in the coming timeline.

Still nothing happen in my life after I become an RN. It is a tough year for me as I wasn’t on track and a bit out of my game, feeling anxious about what to do in my life. To sum it up, half my year was a waste of precious time. =/

Jumpstart my year and kick off my December 31, 2009 a positive attitude towards success is what I am doing now and I pray God will bring back my mojo in my system. It’s never too late like my mom always said to me, I’m still young and more things will come in the future. I hope she’s right and may the right doors of opportunities fall right in front of me.

But before I face the tough adventures of my life, I still have to gather strength by eating this dishes mom alone had just prepared for our Medya Noche (credits to my brother for the grilling stuff he did for the meat). And not to forget to ‘Thank God’ for all the things He did for me and my family. Filling our hungry tummies with food alone is blessings already for my family to think that me and my brother don’t have a stable job yet (hopefully in God’s perfect time, He awards it to us. :D).

Nocturne Split of 2009 and 2010

So there, Happy New Year to all?! May this 2010 be peaceful, prosperous and healthy for us?! 😀

P.S. Be safe. Stay away or get rid of the fireworks… a friendly reminder. 🙂