“Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

Words to express the welcoming entrance for me as I enter a new chapter of my writing I mean blogging career. 🙂 I really want to write so many things even before I get to transfer here in my new home, WordPress. I am a bit homely in this new environment, homely in the sense that the former blog site I used to deal with was an allied of WordPress. Well what do I mean by this, G-Blogs, my former blog provider, was adapting or using the WordPress format. 🙂

I was caught up in some moments of thinking to delete this account and move to Blogspot, but when I realized after I read many things about cancelling a WordPress account, on second thoughts, I backed off on doing that. 🙂 Blogspot and WordPress have differences when it comes to providing a blog service. I think I’m not into Blogspot, the fact that positioning the pictures posted was complicated for me compared to WordPress which makes it more of like manipulative some sort when it comes to arranging pictures. 🙂 On the other hand, WordPress had some restrictions to ‘scripts’ for some security reasons not like Blogspot which not limiting html tags or the more complex ones, ‘the scripts’. 🙂

I have so much things to write about… signs that ‘I MISS and HEART BLOGGING’ TERRIBLY! 🙂 Blogging is part of my life ever since 2nd Year of my BSN career. I think I got my instincts of writing when I was like 7 or 8 years old but that thing was put into rest when my parents read what’s inside of my first personal notebook, until I turn in the age of 9 or 10 when I get back to writing again. By the way, I started writing in a journal-slash-diary on my kiddie years on and off. Then one day my brother read a secret on my last and final journal-slash-diary and that’s the reason why I burned it into ashes… (HaHa! :D)

I always dreamed of becoming a writer (script writer anyhow…) but my Mom contradict and objected my budding passion. But that didn’t stop me of dreaming other things, like becoming a director… but a friend once told me during our elementary years, 5th grade to be exact, that I have to gamble my risks on investing in gadgets and my director infatuations ends with that. O_O One day, Dad bought a digital camera (a replacement for the one that I lost. HeHe. :D) with computer application tools for editing. 😀 And that dream doesn’t die even if like it turns into an undiscovered skill. I thought? 🙂

I remember what was the bassist of Callalily said that you can do the same things even if you choose the wrong path as long as you live, laugh and love with it… (he didn’t say those exact things, but the meaning of his message appears like that. HeHe.) he’s right! It enlightens me and keep the light of my faith on fire. (does it sounds ridiculous? HaHa! But I mean it! :D)

I sometimes think that even though I hadn’t given a chance choose the right path for me, I always thank God for lending a time to show my hidden talents (I think that’s my talent, writing and editing a video or movie making? Haha. :D). Even though I end up into a nurse (which was one of my Mom’s vision to me since I was in the Kindergarten… :D), still God gives me schedules to do the things I love. I’ve always thank Him for everything that He’s given to me. 🙂