Why does some people asking me if I have a girlfriend? I don’t even know why I can’t answer that same question to myself? Ridiculous. =/ I felt like I’m a nobody when I swim alone in the sea of many faces. Sometimes when I look a pair of love birds in some places I go, it just made me feel awkward. I ask myself, when will the time cupid find me a match which is very much compatible to me. A girl partner that understand and accepts me for who I am, love my family and in turn loved by them, and someone that would be my companion when we got older. Will I ever get to experience sex? HaHa! Kidding?! Will I ever have the chance to have my own family?

Priorities. Love has been listed last on my priority list. I have so many things to achieve, and on top of it, to have a successful career in the path destined to me by God, He had chosen me for this… to be a competent health care provider. And to be able to attain that, love must be the last to accomplish. Or maybe, faith, that it will happen.

I've been dreaming of a 'TRUE LOVE's Kiss'.

Maybe true love is against for someone like me, geek, dork and fugly. The bad habit I usually do in the name of ‘love’ is that, I forget to leave a high amount of it just to be insured when somebody hurts me. what do I mean by this, well, I am proud to say that I am a giver of love to those who are very deserving to receive it. I will do all in my power to make that person feel happy and special. The worst part is, I don’t care about myself. I sometimes forgot to love ‘myself’ just to make others loved by me. I didn’t think of sharing the word ‘LOVE’ in my own self. CRAP. O_o

Some say that ‘there is a time for anything…’ perhaps love might somehow reward to me when I’m ready to deal for things like that, for mature ones. I think there is something I have to overcome first and learn from that leap before commitment comes in my way. Well, I hoping for the best, I have to… again… FAITH. 🙂