It was first ever in the Philippines that an automated election was to be done in the May 2010 elections. Since it was the first time to happen, it is also my first time to experience it as a privilege of a registered voter, but in my case… as a first time ‘ever’ registered voter. 😀

I am a First Time Voter

Election in the Philippines has been an opportunity to be given the chance for the real dedicated people to be chosen and avail of the package in the seat of public office. It is also the intention of some hungry (for power) wannabes and greedy who assumed the position to do bad in this elective season. And I am pertaining to Election crimes and violence which makes it on the front page.

‘We can never be complacent’, as quoted by the outgoing President Arroyo. Maybe the same idea why some politicians or aspirants want to acquire the sovereignty for their own conflict of interest… a way beyond their wildest dreams. WOW?! But Hey?! The power is still in the hands of these small voices! Combining these voices will create change through a single stain of one’s right finger. VOTING?!

The PCOS Machine… a controversial counting engine which has been in the hot seat. In addition to that, the system to be use as claimed by some IT practitioners might be jeopardize by some hackers. And as a result, Election watchdogs (some concern citizens) are barking suspiciously that a probable dirty trouble might just occur during the merging of the total votes. Contrary what that mob says, Smartmatic on defense had explained that it is impossible to hack their system. Oh well, let’s wait for the results though.

May 14, the moment we’ve all waited for. As what was expected, the election precinct where I was assigned to vote was jam-packed, it’s because it was clustered which makes the huge amount of people contained into one group depending on the room they were assigned. Sort of like a test of patience for the long wait. But it was worth it when it was done, a little bit of sacrificial delay to vote is the one thing I have to give for the change of my country, The Philippines.

After the voting, all we have to do is wait… wait… and wait… for whom was chosen by the majority of the voting. To sum up this whole equation, I think it was a clean and honest election as I may say so. The ‘youth’ in this generation has made a difference by being cautious, observer and active about the issues pertaining to government. As they also eager for change as what adults wanted too. As what the great Jose Rizal once told before, ‘The Youth is the hope of the Fatherland.’

Patiently waiting Clustered voters

May the country progress for these new leaders that will lead the people through good governance and may God Bless The Philippines. 😀