This post is dedicated to a boy who keeps reminding me how he endures the gentle saint out of me.  A boy whom despite of his lackness I offer a playful hand of friendship but show some foul in his own cunning game.  A boy whom despite of my approachable aura takes the advantage of abusing it and for that impoliteness he portrayed… awakens the ‘OUTRAGING BEAST’ inside me.

The Art of Russel

Whew! How terrible is that? HaHa! Well to set things straight, yes people can easily get along with me if it’s started in a right timing and a good conversation. Well I mean let’s face it, ‘first impression lasts’, but on my part, it became a disaster.  I thought kids are the most innocent people I’ve ever met in my entire life; they got to cheer you up and losses all the tensions and gives a temporary relief from tiredness, like what I’ve thought to Russel, the son of a gratuity in the hospital.  But when an incident where he calls me something that makes me uncomfortable and upset.  It totally drives me crazy?!  Good thing I had controlled myself and get through with it, but the friendship was totally wreck.

That experience now gives me a bit of anxiety every time I had to deal with these youngsters.  I am afraid that that Russel thing might happen again.  Really sucks?!  Well I hope not.  I’m still keeping my faith that majority of the kids that I’ll be met in the future will grant me the respect I really deserve or just being polite, as simple as that. 😀

OPD Kiddies in Action

Though he became rude to me, I can’t get mad at him the fact that he is a kid and more things to learn on this world.  When the time is right, he will be able to weigh the good and the bad and whether what is his own perspective of the opposing two that will reflect what kind of nourishment he get from his father.  HaHa. 😀

I’m come up thinking at times that it might be Russel’s father that teaches him something about me that makes the kid a little bit wilder.  Well, that’s what parenting is all about, nurturing the gift out of your own flesh to lead them the way into a particular path. HeHe. 😀 I’m wishing him the best and I hope he’s fine. (with his father. HaHa! Kidding. :D)

WHOOOH?! Now I feel so relieved from this irritation. 😀