Day 1 of August 2009 when I join my first ever overseas job fair, my very first job fair in my history book. Too bad that it was sort of like a waste of my time and money, but this opportunity is knocking twice in my head so why not grab it, gamble for a chance and in conclusion, it doesn’t turn out the way we expected. So we, again, back to a normal life of dreaming (day dreaming as for me. :D) that one day, we are able to fulfill what we really want to achieve… in God’s perfect time.

Since opportunity is way mention, we decide to roam in that mall in Ortigas. It’s kinda like we’re in park looking at so many catchy insights. We able to passed by in a free exhibit with cool and artistic arts. We are able to came across with some transformers mascots that are crowd magnet and able to take pictures with them. Visit a ‘public reading’ bookstore where book aficionados mostly drop by.

Job Scouting went to Malling
with duggie 😀

I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog, so it’s not surprising that I managed to take a picture of this pet spa-ish tenancy on that mall where pets are groomed by an animal stylist. Having a pet may help ease stress, a real life stuff toy manage to give you a playful and relaxing touch and in turn, making yourself stroking their fur. 🙂

I NEVER EVER STOP TRYING, I still have my ‘FAITH’. And I think, the Big Guy in the Heaven has plans for me, I have no idea what those are… and I know I must wait patiently on His right timing, which leaves to me that ‘DON’T EVER STOP BELEIVING.’ 😀