It all began when Sir Henry told the four of us that we’ll be transferred to a new working schedule. It was in the morning shift where a new job awaits us – the dreading SJ proof read. It was fine with me, since it was just ‘a job’ though at some point I felt a slight separation anxiety. I’m with the night shifters since the beginning of this thankless job, the companionship I made was the one I’ll be miss even though it’s just a ‘rebound job’.

Much ok for me as I go back to my normal body clock, I’m a bit changing in the graveyard shift. I kinda bit irritated in the afternoon when I wake up from my daytime slumber. More of like a change of mood and a lazy-to-go-to-work heaviness. HaHa!

The new shift comes with a new environment. I’m really a quiet and boring Joe on the first encounter. I have trouble expressing myself with others, but mind you, I am a good listener. I pay much attention on the details of the conversation. A little bit fine with me, after all it’s just a ‘rebound thankless job’ and I can quite anytime I want too. 😀 But I can’t help people asking questions. So the tricky and annoying but funny answer for them is… ‘Secret?!’. Just that word. HaHa. 😀 I am introvert when it comes to my personal life, but extrovert when I’m comfortable with a person or a group.

My Life in a Rebound Work at Kamuning

Small world for me, as some of them have common denominator in the person of Migs and a place called Tala. Yes, some of them are Migs’ friends which is my former co-volunteer and the others volunteered for Tala. What a surprise! 😀

Though I don’t know where this ‘the job that pay the rent’ would take me in my coarse of working for them. I am ready. I can adjust and prepared for the unexpected. Remember, the status of on this company is neither hired nor OJT. HaHa?! What the heck? The hell I care either? 😀

P.S. Good Vibes! 😀