I dream of having my ideal house. Built from the building blocks of my aspirations with a strong foundation from goals and desires then furnished and painted with hopes… and I wake up in a realization, when will it happen?

Dream House in a Dream Life, Dream Life in a Dream House

Ever since from my childhood, I vision myself as being a good provider for my family. Give a better life for my parents by means of granting a comfortable lifestyle they’ve always wanted. But now after I’ve finished my studies, I’m still not having that one-step-closer edge to the success and achievement.

Life is a matter of choice. And if that choice turns out to be right or wrong with a good or bad result, it’s part of it. Having the freedom to pick a card from a deck in a game of losing and winning is part of life’s chances.

Maybe God has its own plans for each and every one of us. Leaving your ambition up to the Divine Providence is the one thing I have to do for now. I think He’s planning for the perfect break of my life. FAITH, it’s the one thing I ever have in this time of crisis. So help me God.