I created a Tumblr page… HaHa?! I can’t resist my self for not making such, so before its too late (for Tumblr to become unpopular. :D), I decided to make one. 😀 What makes Tumblr cool is that, the photos are visualize clearly with quality and you can make a slideshow if you have a set of photos that you want to share in public. Plus of course posting video, as what other sites offered, very generic. HeHe.

So far, its all I can write about. I can’t think of any at this moment and besides I have a limited internet time for today. HeHe. And that’s it folks. I’ll try to make this site as an alternative way of sharing my thoughts to the public of what I view of something worth blogging and I hope it’s my ‘permanent page’ (I mean it?! :D) for my very own free press. 😀

Thanks and Enjoy. 🙂

P.S. Happy 10.10.10 🙂