Working for The Devil (who) Wears Prada is labeled as ‘a million girls would kill for that job’, making way for the doors of opportunities to be open when luckily hired. The film was starred by Anne Hathway and Meryl Streep both portrayed two different characters met in a setting of beauty and glamour… The World of Fashion.

The Devil Wears Prada, a film that creates a collision of ideas in my mind particularly brainstorming of lessons that I may ponder as I walk through the circles of life (a career to live on). Like the part where the character of Meryl Streep says that ‘You chose to go ahead. If you want this life, those choices are necessary.’, which I interpret as a way of doing a clean cunning in your game.

Another scene is where Meryl Streep said to Anne Hathway inside the car that, ‘Everybody wants this, everybody wants to be us.’, then she smiles to the latter, opens the car door and throws her charisma to the shuttering flashes of the camera waiting for her arrival. This is metaphor of a devil who tempted the character of Anne Hathway to join her paradise. 

For so many times I keep on watching this film, I think of something odd that if you were in Anne Hathway’s place (her portrayed character, not herself), would you go and join Meryl Streep or choose to leave for the salvation of your soul? It’s kinda like you’re torn between your principle and belief versus the fulfillment of your dreams and success in your career. I’ll leave you hanging to that argument my dear reader. The answer is up to you. HeHe. 😀 

I have to credit the people behind the musical scoring of the film, the timing and the right selection for the background songs and soundtrack makes the movie catchy and having an after effect caught up feelings, you know what I mean. HaHa! 😀

As a bonus, I post a link if you want to read the ebook version of this novel. (Just click the highlighted word ebook).

Enjoy! 😀

P.S. Much more appreciated if you watch the movie. 🙂