I was walking on the side walk when I saw a cat lying down on one of the roads of Quezon City (I think 2nd week of October). It was inanimate in the flat surface of that road and no one bothers to remove its corpse. I wonder what will be the approach of a PETA advocate if the latter saw the dreading tragedy happen to the lifeless cat.

This is what an animal do to its kind, the difference is that the one who killed the other is a rational being, the one which has the responsibility of protecting its own kind. God tasked man to name all the creatures He created therefore, it is also the man’s duty of preserving not only his own kind but also the animals surrounding to him.

On the other note, perhaps it might be a wakeup call for us who were getting across the street of the Metropolis or anywhere else to be careful. Any form of roads is a potential killer. May this picture remind us to STOP… LOOK… and LISTEN… before crossing to the other side. Keep your safety instincts activated… we’re not like cats who have nine lives.