Days had passed since November 2 of 2010, I can’t explain why I keep on remembering my late Lolo Terio. Out of nowhere in my deep silence or just having a simple, quiet and steady lone self, there is something that suddenly poofs which reminds me of him.

My lolo did so many things in my family, most especially when I was a kid. Though mom tells so much stories about him on her younger years, my impression on him is very different whenever I got to be with him. I remember telling my mom a Filipino quote saying, ‘Kung ano ang pagkukulang ng mga magulang sa kanilang anak, sa apo ibinibigay.’ (What the parents lack to their children, they give it back to their grand kids.) – as for today as I recall that moment, and I smiled… perhaps it is true that grandparents are the real spoilers of their child’s kids. 🙂

On the day Lolo Terio reunited with Lola Lourdes, it teaches me something, it is a very generic lesson I sometimes hear from time to time. And its… ‘Enjoy and love the people who care about you most, as time will come they will soon left you someday.’

Maybe I am still in a sobering state (after lolo departed), time will heal the wound as what they say. But I feel deep down in my heart that my lolo is hear watching us, as long as the memories are kept he’ll forever be remembered. 🙂

It would take time for me to let go. Acceptance might be a harsh way to move on, but as long as I am ready, I will embrace it for me to grow from pain. 🙂

P.S. this is a late post in memory of the Late Emiterio T. Agabin on his first All Souls’ Day. R.I.P. Lolo Terio.