I once asked my 4th-year-college classmate, why there are people preaching in the bus? And she answered, ‘we are giving knowledge about the word of the Lord, as what Christ did when He was with the people long… long… ago.’ I asked her again, what if the people don’t listen to what you are saying? Do you mind it at all? And then she replied effortlessly, ‘it’s up to them, on our part we deliver the good message as what He intended to what we should do to our brethren.’

As I recall what she had said to me, I said to myself, maybe she was right but, on the contrary, I might doubt the good intention of God’s messenger after thinking of a famous Psyche reviewer back on my review days that they fall in the category of Antisocial in Personality Disorders for they are good talkers. (maybe for the reason that they can please or caught people’s attention?)

On my own perspective, there is no need for the people to give money right after a preacher spreads the word of God. I mean, the good news are ‘FREE’ for all those who pay a small amount of their attention. Perhaps Jesus Christ didn’t ask money for those people He sermons but only to lend their ears to hear the good message that God wants to give them. Though there is a certain verse that tells about giving something to a person spreading the word of God but I don’t know what exactly it was and where in the Bible I can find it, that was a lady preacher I encountered said. (on my way home, somewhere on the month of September, I think?)

I hope these people are real instruments of God, as if His ambassadors, diplomats or soldiers in spreading His teachings. For the reason that, every time they come out of the blue, I try to pause a little and listen to them, for I know God sends them to show how He loves his people by means of His WORDS that would save us from burning flames of hell. O_o