AT LAST?! You’re finally done! You have your degree! And ‘WE’ are so PROUD of you. 🙂 I am so happy that you didn’t disappoint mom and dad. The love and ‘SO MUCH’ effort of both paid off in able for the two of us to send in a descent and well-known colleges to be educated to be become not only to be a good citizen and soon to be tax payers of our country, but as the living trophies or recognition for our dear parents. (though at some point you do have some ‘you know’ but never mind though. HeHe! :D)

I hope and pray for your further maturity besides being a good and productive person is all that matters aside from all the power and fortune in this world right? 🙂 And most importantly, find a job that will benefit what you’ve prosper from the four years that you’ve studied in college, and also that will nurture and develop your skills more than what you’ve learn from your alma matter. (choose the company that will pay high! As its going to benefit both you and our parents as well, neglect me… I am okay about it.) 🙂

Once again… CONGRATULATIONS BRO?! AND GODBLESS YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS?! 😀 Look forward for the upcoming challenges and may the past earns you the courage to boost up and move towards your success as you soar.

P.S. may your feet remain on the ground. Be humbled for all the blessing that the ‘BIG GUY’ up there gives you. Share the talent He gives you. It’s your way of thanking Him for all the things He’ve done for you. 🙂