I remember mom told me about what the old woman predicted about my younger brother’s future in education. She said that he won’t finish his studies and will become a father at his younger age. Well I might say the forecast was a lie. As a matter of fact he will march the aisle of November graduates.

So the preparation for this special day for the family, most especially for mom was made simple yet bountiful. With the help of our relatives, they cooked dishes for our mini gathering. Mom is still hands on the details of the cooking but she have to settle all things to my relatives as she will attend her son’s graduation.

The Day Brotha Wears A Black Toga

I bought a cake as my treat. Aside from the cake, I also add palabok in the table which both are took from my wallet – after all, ‘the job that pay the rent’ has its essence though. HaHa. 😀

Upon typing this post, I look back at the pages of our family’s history book. It’s been one long heck of a journey we’ve spent and thank God we’re stick together after so many challenges we had faced in our life, including my brother’s struggle for education. I really… really… admire my mom’s patient, perseverance, understanding and unconditional love to both of us, much more to my brother.  She holds to that believe that we both finished our degree and work hard for that in able for us to achieve that certain state of our lives… of course with the help of God. 😀

I hope and pray that my brother become a part of our nation building, find a decent job in a company that pay the right amount of taxes. May he use his skill in a right way for the country’s progress and market it though globalization. I know he’s very much inclined to his science, but… never mind, work hard, aim high and excel in the toughest challenges. 😀

I know God is just up there watching you, guided by His Sacred Love. 🙂

P.S. GO FOR IT BROTHA?! We’re right behind you. 😀