A Unisex Gift

The prime notion in gift giving is always ‘it’s the thought that counts…’ whether that thought would make the person appreciate your present, well let’s live it to them. 🙂

In my case, I decided to give a book, it’s 2 against 1, (I ask mom and my BFF if they agree for the idea for a book as present, mom don’t and suggest for a bath towel, contrary to my BFF which she texted ‘yes’, and ask the same for herself. :D)

Upon typing this tumblr post, I realized that some might not be pleased to receive a gift like that for others are not a book fan and mature enough to waste time on turning hundreds of pages. But luckily someone was contented of accepting such. I can see it through his eyes and its a WIN-WIN situation for me (waste about Php. 200 was worth it, the name I picked was okay about it). I dunno, maybe a glimpse of his conscience says that be grateful of what he gets (three new books and a bonus Papemelrotti bookmarks, thanks to the effort for red ribbons and a punch hole for the bookmarks from me. hehe :D).

P.S. I should’ve went to that Christmas Party as for my system was being hacked by The Grinch, but thanks to the encouraging antivirus co-workers to delete some of The Grinch in me… though I end up not totally enjoying the party (60% functioning enjoyment, 40% The Grinch penetration), I must say, I taste and eat a lot of weird mouth-watering dishes. 🙂 Happy Post Christmas to all! After all, The Philippines has the longer celebration of Christmas… wonder why it wasn’t written in Guiness? 🙂