As the ending 12th month of 2010 comes to an end, it’s also a way of dumping stuffs in my room as I give some space for other things that will come in and go after. A matter of move-on-let-go scenario kinda thing is a good psyche in letting go and moving forward. General cleaning in bedroom done for a nice welcome for 2011.

Ten years is nearly ending as we prepare for the wrapping up of year 2010… the coming of 2011 (before the year everybody has talking about… The 2012 Apocalypse. :D). It’s our family’s custom to have a little New Year’s Eve Celebration as we thank God for all the blessings we received (as for me, I got a rebound job).  Simply, the last day of the year for a typical Filipino like us is like the Thanksgiving Day for Americans.

A split second for 2010 and 2011

Aside from the usual dishes mom cook yearly, I bought some sweets in the table… a Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven. I have to say that I think I’m co-hosting this closing year’s Medya Noche (term for the New Year’s Eve post dinner after the clock strikes 12). It’s my own way of showing I am very thankful to God for the blessings my family and I received this 2010.

My only wish for this coming 2011 is that I gain success in my career with a good health shielding me from any untoward illness. Same goes with my family, close friends and love ones – In God’s Mercy. 🙂

P.S. Happy 2011 to all?! 😀