The culture of the Philippines has been a big role why the country is not heading towards it’s bigger dream… a brighter and progressive Juan Dela Cruz country. Though culture can be the strength to use for the betterment of this 7,107 island archipelago (high or low tide) is not being use well. It would be better to look for the know how to manipulate it like reading a manual of a newly bought appliances.

Dictatorship became a solution as Marcos is in desperate need to manage the country straight ahead on its goal, for personal intention, politics or simply for the country during his period. Definitely he had succeeded but that power was harshly abuse. Marcos would be the ‘the great leader’ ever born in the Philippine history if and only if he doesn’t make himself commanded by her ambitious and social-climmer wife named Imelda, a Visayan native.

Politics was like an exclusive membership here in the country of Juan. Only the elites can get their right spot in the government, but among these public servants, a few of them can be literally serve and offer themselves for the sake of well being of their countrymen.

Philippines has potentials on its own. The country is rich in natural resources and the agriculture products that can get from its fertile crescent like land. Instead of using it for its people, the abusive crocodiles managed to grabbed it as a whole as if like a immediately attacking its target prey. Very hungry for someone in depress of luxury.

There is a line separating between the rich and the poor. Poverty becomes a challenge for most Filipinos especially in more depressed areas like Smokey Mountain. The Smokey Mountain people can be attached on the place they’ve live, even though they are not afraid to stay in the land of broken dreams, some of them still manage to stay there and build their aspirations and later on succeed in the end. It would be nice for them to think living in the slump areas is a temporary home and later on move to a bigger, wider and more civilized community.

If the Southeast Asian countries are in the race today, what would be the standing of the Philippines? Does the government really trying run fast to reach the leading competitor? Or would it be a negotiable agreement was put into consideration before the game starts? It’s a battle against conflict of interest versus political will.

Culture in the Philippines hinders its aim up on top. It can be a factor in decision making and thinking for a solution. It is a tough dilemma, being grounded and stuck for a moment of silence. Learning to cross the boundaries is a risk to take and a gambling hoping to win for the luck. It is somehow our way guiding values, values that lead our way towards righteousness. Hard it seems, but it’s better to choose the lesser evil.

United States is helding-up high it’s head every time they think of the fact that they are the saviors, the ones who have the ability to help when in times of crisis. At here’s the country called the Philippines, who are always dependent. Same also goes to other countries as well. We are very friendly to these many nations, but only few of them remain our best of friends. It is hard to live in this planet alone, so we have to make our bonds with our neighbors to look out for each other’s economy. There is nothing wrong about it, it’s always the mean politicians who are always exceeds it’s beyond control when the shining brilliance of gold faces them… it’s up to them how to handle it.

A chance for Juan

I remember Winnie Monsod said in one segment of a morning show that the government is ‘incompetent’. I think she’s right. Like what a famous director said in the person of Jose Javier Reyes that we don’t have to let ourselves get dependent to the government. Stating in control of your path and look forward for the future. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big, it’s up for us to work for it and strive for the best.