Entering the World of Metanoia…

It was my first time to experience a full length animated movie, and luckily the only first in the history of Philippine cinema, on 3D. Though the movie is made for 3 Dimension theater, We (me and a BFF-ish-slash-true friend way back college. :D) got to watched this in an ordinary movie house (much more appreciated if it’s seen in a 3D setting.).

“AWESOME?!”, a word to describe the film. Thank God for the opportunity of seeing this one of kind movie. It’s very Filipino, aside from the fact that it’s a 100% Pinoy made, it highlights the typical culture and values even we are in a 21st century in the advent of modern technologies.

Apart from bringing out the youth inside your system as you watch kids in a level up cartoon graphics (3D animation), RPG Metanoia teaches me a totally elementary-ish but important lesson we adults overlook sometimes, “anything can be achieve through perseverance”.

I hope the film industry creates motion pictures like this (RPG Metanoia). In addition to the entertainment value, it extends its role in teaching good morals to the viewing public especially the minors, in that way, they are helping parents in showing to their kids the right manners to be instilled in their kids’ minds. 🙂

P.S. Great Job Thaumatrope Animation, Ambient Media and Star Cinema?! Bravo?! Looking forward for many 3D films to come with values as well. 😀