I am trying to understand the premise, ‘good looking people are well-loved.’ But the worst part is people who adore those people don’t know the real score what’s underneath their skin… more beyond their deceiving looks. I pity those who are involved in a situation blinded with truth and honesty. I hope they see the light at the end of their lost journey and trap in a dark tunnel.

Bread is reuse as flour in making pudding.

They (The Beautiful People) deserve the trashy taste of pudding out of variety of bakery goods, old but recycled. Offer them the flavor of ‘indifference’ from a bunch of unsold breads unnoticed, put together to create a by-product of ‘apathy’. Simply showing don’t do games, play it safe and right. 🙂

nice match.
nice match too.

A spaghetti can be a sour grapping treat… it can be serve cold, with a taste of the right blend of tart sauce, perfect combination for the pudding. 🙂

Pasta Bitter


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