A closer look and a deeper thinking on this picture… a naughtiness uncontrolled versus a safe and clean game?

Are you into RH Bill or not?

Rethinking what my Philosophy of Man professor taught about ‘choices’. He said, and I quote, ‘we don’t have our own choices…’ the reason for his argument is that, ’… factors affect the freedom of choices…’ and the fact that, ’… factors that affect choices, makes the choice…’ Do you follow? If not, you’re slow. Kidding?! 😀

Again… are you into RH Bill or not?

Why? So here comes the basis of what the decision that will about to make. Is there a sense of freedom in making choices? Is there any factors affecting the freedom of choice? Does considering these factors affects decision making? Or does this freedom manipulate the choices?

So now, are you into RH Bill or not?

Do you have your own choice or the factors influence you to make your freedom of choice? Again… are you getting it slow like turtle?

Or maybe… you can’t make your own choices. Don’t worry, we are?!

And up to this day… I tell you… I agreed to my jerk Philo professor. Philosophy brings out the crap out of him and I think it’s his pleasure to numb his students and instill his shit into our minds. Lucky for him his putrid legacy remains in me. (Offensive, but it’s a thinking fact… the weird world in the school of thought.)

May this tumblr post be the advent of a critical rational thinking. 🙂

P.S. Are you into RH Bill? 😀