Supermanhood MD survives Saint Mary

The thought of a new beginning for my RN career would make my dreams come into reality, turns out to be a disaster of some kind. Being professional on the boundaries of this former exploiting and nearing-to-be employer was like a living nightmare. The promise of two weeks volunteer is an initiation, 14 days of work interruption all bound to confession room discussing flaws notice by Big Granny who is watching you (the institution’s Big Brother homologous). Lucky enough to survive in 2 weeks, but the real struggle is just about to start. Good Luck.

From the staffs employed (exclude the owners and its cronies) some of them were really nice, some were user-friendly type with a bit of kindness and some were just rude and ego-centric (the Alpha wannabe species).

This experience makes me realize on what scale will I be able to adjust and adapt in some cultures. When will I get that ‘stability’ (I mean for a permanent job) as a lifelong RN career. And how long do I patiently wait and find for that?

P.S. So help me GOD on this. =/