March 31, 2011 an SMS was sent to me to report tomorrow for an afternoon orientation and mind you it just gives me the chills of trick. I can’t believe that I was scheduled for an orientation after I failed my exam and didn’t do well on my interview. It’s the will of faith if you ask me… surprising?!

April Fools, the day of the orientation. 5 of us arrived, 7 where texted for the orientation. What just happen? Then here comes the one conducting the orientation. She seems strict and a bit outgoing. And so the orientation begins in a simple get to know each other ambiance. Afterwards, she told us if we were  dead serious about this volunteer thing and willing to go all through out for the next 3 months, but somebody back out after knowing that he has to report in other healthcare commitments in the field of PDN. The rest of the remaining four was asked again if we are decided to continue and the 4 says yes?! and that marks the first half of the orientation… the initial psyche for the new comers. =/

The Background taken May of 2009

Q&As become the structure of orientation, we kept asking questions and she fearlessly answer them all with some convictions I should say. But I get too disappointed when I read the scope of the program I was in. It was too far from the other institution I was previously trained in. and to sum it up… it SUCKS?! A WASTE OF EFFORT?! MUCH MORE A TIME RUBBISH?! Well, I still don’t have to underestimate it… let’s see what this institution can do to improve my skills and grow as a professional.

We take a tour on the building and I realized it was too small compare to the one in Sta. Maria, Bulacan but it was more organize far from Sta. Maria, and I realized, it’s not bad at all. 🙂

So the orientation adjourned reminding the date and time to report to start in our program and we’re done. Having a bit adjusted and culture shocked but I can get through this. After all what matters is the experience I can attain from this charity work. May God give me strength and wisdom for this to carry on and may I be His instrument for this mission… SO HELP ME GOD?! 😀

P.S. Happy April Fools Month?! 😀